Your childhood books ruined : You will never let your children read these books

It is said that you don’t need another company when you have a book in your hands. Some people have a passion for reading from a very young age. However, there are some books that everyone has read in their childhood. Now imagine that you grow up only to discover that some of those books were inappropriate to read back then. We are innocent as children and our minds cannot fathom the realities of life. As we grow up, we start seeing matters from a different perspective as we are no more impervious to our surroundings. We begin to understand the true meanings of situations. As such, the books that we read as children seem to have a different meaning now. One may wonder how these illustrations and contexts were used in children’s books as they seem extremely improper now. In short, this article is about your childhood books ruined. Here are some of the books which, as we re-read, we realize we misinterpreted them when we were young:

Morning of awkwardness

A line in this book says ‘a morning of awkwardness is far better than a night of loneliness’ alongside a picture of a child pulling up his pants. If you pay attention, it is explicit and has a vulgar meaning. Do we need to say more, or will you fill the gap yourself?

Something in her mouth

Poems are one of the favorite things to read as children. The poem says ‘Mr. Roger put something in her mouth. It was so good she forgot that Mrs. Rogers was angry’. Again, it has an offensive meaning. Putting this in a child’s book is beyond our comprehension

This kiss

Imagine a children’s book having a clear depiction of a kiss. This book contains not only an illustration of the kiss but the context written alongside gives a detailed description of kissing. Weird, isn’t it?

Sticking your fingers in the cat’s behind

Most of us loved cats, even as children. But we are sure that even the idea of sticking fingers in a cat’s rear is super gross. This book has one such illustration. Telling a person, let alone a child to do it, is quite nasty. Sounds like corrupting a child’s mind.

What did dick lick?

The title of this book alone gives the creeps. Why would a children’s book go by this name? Most importantly, why would anyone think of misleading children’s thoughts?

Pleasure Island

An illustration in the book shows a man saying ‘I need boys- for pleasure island’. Dare we say, its meaning is obscene. Well, it upset us as much as it is disturbing for you, now.

Teddy bear would rather sit and watch

The books say that the teddy bear does not care about the tub but he likes to watch those who bathe in it. Filthy for a children’s book, isn’t it?

All my friends are dead

Children’s minds are fragile. Including anything indelicate into their books can affect their thought process. As far as catchy names for children’s books go, it isn’t as appealing.

Harpo’s horrible secret

The cover page of this book contains a picture of a grandfather standing unusually close to his grandson, hugging him. As children, we would have confused it for an affectionate grandfather hugging the child but as an adult, it looks nasty. Moreover, the title has made this illustration further unpleasant.


The illustration shows seamen showering water from pipes with obscene shapes. Their standing positions along with the pipes seem vulgar. How was this book even approved as a children’s book?

George slips into darkness

This illustration is a ridiculous picture of a monkey sniffing alcohol’s smell causing him to hallucinate. Putting that in a children’s book is straight-up absurd and crazy.

Boy vs. girl

The illustration contains two elephants secreting from different areas as per their gender. It looks gross and children most certainly do not need to know let alone, see a visual representation of this.

The secret of being a good lover

A lion intimately kissing a lioness. Is it necessary to be in a children’s book? The cherry on top, the context saying ‘the secret of being a good lover is not knowing when to stop’ looks like dialogue from an adult movie.

It was disconcerting to read all of this, right? As children, we could not have even imagined that the books which we were reading had inappropriate meanings. An eye-opener, if you will. May we now say that this article perfectly describesYour childhood books ruined?

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