2 must-read stories – Worst prison stories ever

Although, watching Oz on HBO may fascinate some, but even the directors can’t reveal all the details. People love interesting stories and drama. Certainly, what goes behind the bar is something intriguing and may make people curious.

Some people have posted their worst prison stories ever on reddit.com. They have asked AskReddit to post their worst experiences they have ever gone through in prison. And it seems like that even Oz never showed the exact stories of worst experiences in prison.

The Observation Experience

A guy writes about his first Christmas in the prison when his family came to meet him. He was very embarrassed the next day because he had failed in breaking the breeze-block inside his cell. One of the guards called him and said that they wanted to talk to him. He confessed that he made the mistake of considering the guard as his friend, while he didn’t have any idea that he was his enemy. The thing was, that the guard thought he was a suicide attempter, but the truth was that he wasn’t. The next day, he was transferred to jail having more security in the upper peninsula of Michigan. They took off all his clothes. They only gave him Kevlar smoke to wear. They used to set the temperature down at 60 degrees so he had to stay in a corner to keep himself warm. That was because the observation did not allow him to wear any piece of cloth except that Kevlar smoke. The observation did not let him read a book, watch any movie or do anything else. He said that he was naked and shivering with cold the whole week.

They did not allow him to take any shower, nor let him keep himself clean. That’s how he spent his new year’s eve of 2007. The observation was not a psychological treatment for him, but it was a suffering and mental torture. He had only two options; either he could only talk to himself, or he could sleep. The coldness did not let him do anything else. His experience there was terrible and unforgettable. The trauma remained so much intact in his brain, that he used to leave the country every New Year’s eve once he was free.

Becoming part of that place

The prisoner explains when he was in prison, he saw people getting bullied there. Getting to see new prisoners come and snatch other prisoners’ stuff was heart-wrenching. It was so painful to see people empty-handed as their meals were pulled away from them by the new prisoners. The new prisoners came and bullied the old prisoners. It was traumatic for him to see all the injustice going on in there. The worst part of that time was to realize that one doesn’t have any other option but to bear all the unfair events that occur there. Most of the prisoners including the victim stopped caring about what is going on outside the prison and became used to the weird system present in the prison.

It was difficult for him to remember any good memory from the whole period that he lived in that hell as he was helpless every day. There was nothing to do other than to sleep and play cards. What was worse was that sometimes, he didn’t have any partner to play cards with. So, he didn’t have any other option but to stare at the ceiling and wait for his time to pass in the prison.


It’s surely worth reading “2 must-reads worst prison stories ever”.
The bottom line is, no matter how big or small a crime someone has done, it’s mental torture to be in that place which can only be described by someone who has gone through such an experience.

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