Why the screaming crow memes are so relatable

Screaming crow memes are weird memes in today’s internet world. In this article, we will see what many of the screaming crow memes are and what messages people over the internet are trying to convey.

Sometimes people are so annoying that they really don’t care what everybody around them thinks of their silly jokes or even want to listen to them.  

And sometimes a simple debate swoops to a rude conversation when someone constantly interrupts you in between. Nobody wants to be interrupted. This could be the most annoying situation that can piss anybody off when the interruption becomes loud. And there you go crazy.

Oftentimes we see obvious things on social media that people are hilariously redoing and we just look and write ‘Felt the same. But in memes where emotions are involved can turn out as an annoying experience.  For example, screaming crow memes.

What exactly are screaming crow memes?

The annoyed bird or the screaming crow memes are a version of a webcomic, that demonstrates the continuous annoyance of a bird that sings in its full charm until a crow comes and starts to interrupt the bird with its loud cowing.

The panel reveals how irritated the bird gets with the screaming crow, where the loud screaming can be seen through a speech bubble in the meme in the background.

How did this thing go viral?

The meme is not that old, it was first uploaded on 26th September 2017 on Reddit. The post crazily hit 3,300 points in just 9 months with a 97% upvote rating back then, which is huge for a post that contained a meme. Following the same trend, another Reddit user edited the meme and uploaded it to the other subsection of the platform, and guess what!! It gained massive hits and went viral.

This opened the trend for the internet users to create situations where they found someone really irritating and annoying enough to convey their feeling about them in a meme. Let’s check out the different versions of the screaming crow memes below to see how they are amusingly created without hitting someone straightly.

Despacito screaming crow memes

This meme deserves an Oscar. You play one of your favorite records while driving and someone just starts singing with their horrible voice. You would surely want to put off the record or you will have to make your peace with a bad experience.

Desperate for making a note

PC gaming screaming crow

These memes are humorous, especially this gamer crow. The situation can fit many relatable events.

We often identify birds singing peacefully and get annoyed easily and then relate the events when this happens to us. Remember when your younger brother on playing with you knocked you out and screamed all over the house that he’s won from you, and everybody went crazy.

He’s just like the crow, boasting things.

Screaming elsa

Have you heard ‘into the unknown’ from Frozen 2? If yes, then you must laugh horrendously at this meme as it depicts the exact feeling people get when they hear screaming Elsa in the movie.

The Critics

OOHHMMGGGG! This is so relatable. When talking about your favorite series on NETFLIX or showing your love for a basketball team – someone interrupts you without knowing the exact story behind the episode or stats and begins to judge the whole series. Annoying, right??

Death toll rises?

Now it’s not necessary to laugh at every meme. But memes are there to laugh at, aren’t they? 😀

Pokemon lover

If you love your pokemon, then you must edit a reply against this.

Louder music notes

Now that’s something general. If you get annoyed on every single thing that interrupts you then this is for you. Who allows those uninvited guests to come and destroy our peace.

Lockdown protestors

Like every argument, protestors can go either right or the other way. Whatever they would tell you, you must cease your steps until you have enough knowledge.

Missing now

Deep down inside the bird now started missing the cawing.

It’s here again

People also think that they look good together. The bird is grateful to have him back.

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