Why do guys have long eyelashes?

Women without a doubt adore long lashes; they seek out treatments to make their lashes fuller and thicker, use eyelash curlers to curl them, or wear mascara daily to improve the look.

After all this effort, women are justified in asking this: why do guys have long eyelashes? If you have ever wondered why men have long eyelashes, keep reading.

Truth be told, men don’t have longer lashes than women. Biologically, men and women have similar eyelash structures and there is no significant reason why some men appear to have better eyelashes than some women.

A few facts about Eyelashes

This has nothing to do with whether you are a man or a woman. People have eyelashes that shield their eyes from flying dust and other tiny objects. Animals also have them as well, but it is one of the evolutionary advantages which have been around. Long eyelashes have become more of a vanity characteristic than just a protective feature. People with massive lashes are regarded as fortunate.  The color of your eyelashes can differ greatly based on your genetic characteristics, which vary from person to person.

Eyelashes are traditionally thought to be a feminine attribute. Women characters in mainstream media including cartoons are often distinguishable because they typically have a thicker set of eyelashes that sets them apart from their male equivalents. Because of their high estrogen levels, females have wider eyes than men. As there is a wider area to cover, there is a need for thicker eyelashes to shield the eyes from dirt and insects.    

The eyelashes will gradually grow thicker and bigger as the eyeball grows larger. It’s fair to assume whether eyelashes are unrelated to gender. Every eyelash is about a third of the breadth of an eye.

Play on Perception

Women who wear makeup frequently have weaker and shorter eyelashes because the continuous use of cosmetics damages skin and eyelashes as well.

The key reason men’s lashes are longer is due to a psychological impact. Whereas most men are unconcerned regarding their appearance and therefore do not pay attention to their eyelashes, seeing men with incredibly thick, long, and flawless lashes without either a thought can indeed be upsetting for several women who have been obsessed with their lashes.

Different ways to grow eyelashes

Nonetheless, as we now know that everything is about perception and the guys don’t have longer lashes than women. Let’s find some ways that will help you to get your desired lashes. Below are some useful hacks to grow your lashes.

Eyelash cream

Eyelash cream will lengthen the growth cycle of your lashes allowing them to continue to progress past their normal duration but not split as quickly. It will give you a dark dense appearance throughout your eyes. 

Eyelash Extension

Another very popular way to lengthen your lashes is by using eyelash extensions. However, beware, not to use it regularly as it can cause damage to your natural lashes.


Applying mascara is perhaps the most common method of accomplishing long, beautiful lashes. There are many top brands, you can look up to for example Too Faced, L’oreal, Sephora, etc.


Let your eyes look bigger with eyeliner. You not only make your eyes look wider but your lashes will also look thicker and longer.


Curling lashes to make them look longer is yet another choice. However, depending upon the position of the curl or whether you understand what you have been doing, due to the wrong direction the curl gives a shorter look.

Are Eyelash Curlers Bad for Your Eyelashes?

The dispute over eyelash curlers is very real. Females (as well as Males) all over the world also have a strong feeling over whether or not eyelash curlers are harmful to lashes. They range from passionate opponents to fervent defenders. But what is the reality? Are they safe to use daily? If somehow the lashes are natural they are much superior to those that are artificial. Avoid putting your eyes at risk of pinching, pain, or lash pressure regularly.    

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