Some golden words from the lady with green lipstick!

Don’t you think red lipsticks are overrated? Well, after learning about D&G’s new classic green color lipstick, you will change your mind. This is the same color that the famous YouTuber GloZell Green wore and caught everyone’s attention. What do you think, was this lipstick the reason behind her popularity or something else?

In 2015, GloZell Green, also known as a lady with green lipstick, was nominated to interview President Obama. The popular YouTuber has a family of 3 million subscribers on YouTube. When she was going for the interview, her subscribers knew what to expect from her. And guess what the most anticipated of her was that she would be wearing green lipstick for sure.

Who is this lady with Green Lipstick?

GloZell Green is a YouTube comedian who has been creating engaging content for 12 years now. She has crossed a billion views on her 200+ videos. Though, the Cinnamon challenge was the turning point of her career. After that, she became a well-known YouTuber. Even having a huge fan base, the lady claims to be broke financially. Let’s take a deep dive into her reel and real-life journey to date.

In August 2016, the lady gave birth to a baby girl who she named, O’Zell. She shared her motherhood journey with the YouTube family from the beginning about how she surrogate and what it felt to her when she was informed the baby was not going to live. However, after all these complications, her child made it to the world.

Life history of Lady with Green Lipstick

Glow Up at the age of 45

Since everyone on the internet was so used to her green lipstick glam, nobody had ever seen her casual look. Thereby a few years back, after becoming a mother. She decided to share a new look that doesn’t include green lipstick. Well, it couldn’t have been a better surprise for her 10th YouTube anniversary.

In that video, she shared her new look, which was less green and more elegant. She introduced a new version of herself, wearing nude lipstick and a beautiful dress. According to her, this move is more like evolution to her than just a change. Her audience has been watching her evolve all this time from becoming an influencer to a mother. It was not just the appearance that she was changing now. And she couldn’t wait for the world to see her new version, she added.

She further addressed the audience, who loved her green lipstick look, and promised them that she would never quit creating that look. However, they won’t be seeing her more often in that green lipstick. The woman herself accepted how much she loved playing with colors and creating unique looks. She always wanted to be an inspiration for other girls. The one thing she was glad about was that she won’t have to wake up dipped in glitter from now on as she was moving forward with her new glow-up.

 How she lost 75 lbs

Well, for everyone, it was pretty surprising to see someone losing weight after having a child. When GloZell was asked about her weight loss journey, she gave most of the credit to her daughter. She told her audience that she has been working on her mental and physical health all this time. It has helped a lot in reducing weight. She further added, her newborn was her biggest motivation. She inspired her to become what she is today.

Glozell was unsure whether her child sees her differently in her look or not. But one thing she was assured of was, her daughter loves her more than anything in the world. She doesn’t care how her mom looks and loves her unconditionally. Lastly, she mentioned her husband, Kevin Simon, how he helped her throughout. And even during that interview, she seemed quite happy and proud of her husband. The frown on her face was communicating everything about her life.

How did she accumulate $200,000 financial debt?

In an interview that Toofab conducted, Golzell, who has been known for creating entertaining content, opened about her dark part of life. She talked about how she got into financial trouble and learned financial skills.

As per the lady, the financial crisis started when YouTube drastically changed its algorithms. Because of that new algorithm, her views declined. People were not checking her page anymore. And that is not because she was not posting enough entertaining content, but because of how people got other suggestions for pages when they landed on GloZell’s channel. She further added, the only hope left for her was her subscribers, who she thought would surely check out her new content. But again, even they were not seeing whatever she was posting.

After all that, her life was still going great as she was a popular youtuber who still got millions of subscribers. She was still a well-known personality and one of the three fortunate persons who took Obama’s interview.

The real trouble started after her twelve rounds of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). She borrowed money, took out loans, and whatnot. And all these troubles were topped with a costly divorce. At this point, she felt everything was going downhill. Instead of earning, all the money was going out. There were no savings to back that tough period of her life. The only source of her earnings was people watching her content, and that was not happening.

Guess what the worst part was? She didn’t know where she had spent all her money and how that $200,000 loan had piled up over time.

Final words

She addressed the audience; she has learned a lot from that period. Also, she advised everyone to be around people and friends who won’t hesitate to back you in your difficulties. It is easy to make several friends when you have money, but unfortunately, the opposite happens when you are broke. Those who affirm to be your best friends don’t show up when you need them the most. Therefore, make friends that you think will be there for you even when you call them in the middle of the night. Secondly, develop a habit of saving money. It might feel burdensome, but trust, it will help you get through your tough period.

Glozell Green, the lady with green lipstick through her real-life story, gave us a big life lesson. Indeed, life is unpredictable; you never know what tomorrow will bring. Hence, you need to stay armed all the time to get through your challenging times smoothly.

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