A women of faith: An informative guide about some of the great women of faith in the Bible

The words of God-talk quite highly of people who possess faith within themselves. There are several women of faith examples in the Bible, and we can educate ourselves by reading their stories. If we look into history, it is filled with incredible women of faith who were aware of how to never lose faith. When someone decides to have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, then they have to be prepared for the numerous ups and downs in their life (May it be the children, women, or men – everyone has to be patient).

Have you heard about a Moabite woman named Ruth? She was quite loyal to her God, and her mother-in-law (Naomi). Her faith and character in God helped her in getting uncountable blessings, such as being mentioned in the pedigree of Jesus Christ (As per Mathew 1:5).

There are a lot of other great women that are stated in the Bible who are bestowed by God’s blessing due to their faith. And we need to learn new things from these women of faith too.

Some of the great women of faith with incredible miracles as per the Bible

The widow of Nain

This woman only had one son and she lost him one day. Jesus was touched with her sufferings and just for the lady, he breathes new life into her son. 

“And when he approached the city gate, he saw an expired man (the widow’s only son) was being carried out along with a huge crowd. When the Lord looked at the widow, he had empathy for her and exclaimed to her, ‘Do not cry.’ Then he descended and held the coffin, and people who were carrying them were just standing in silence. And he ordered, ‘Young gentleman, I command you to arise,’ after that, the immortal person sat up and started speaking and he then handed himself to his mother.

“Then everyone was in fear, and they witnessed God stating, ‘A tremendous prophet has come up among all of us,’ and, ‘God has come to see his clan.” (Luke 7:12-16).

The Shunammite woman

The baby of the Shunammite woman was a God’s miracle. She had not been able to have a child for long; but with the blessing of God, she gave birth to a son.

When the woman’s son was youthful, he faced an unexpected sickness and soon expired. She placed him on the couch where Elisha used to sleep. “The moment Elisha stepped into the room, there was a boy who was lying expired on his couch.” The women then went into a quiet room and prayed to God.

“And he placed himself on the boy, and situated his hands on his hands, his eyes on his eyes, his mouth on his mouth; and he completely spread himself out on the boy, and all of a sudden the child’s flesh turned into a warm one. He then roamed in the house for a while, and came back on him and placed himself on him again. After that, the boy sneezed 7 times, and the boy was soon awake.

The widow of Zarephath

Her son had become quite ill and passed away. Then the prophet Elijah called out to God and exclaimed, ‘O LORD my God, I beseech, let the boy’s soul get into him again.’ Then the LORD listened to what Elijah had said, and the boy’s soul was awarded to him back, and he was soon alive. And Elijah held the boy and carried him for handing over to his mother. After that, Elijah exclaimed, ‘Look your child is alive!’

“Then the lady proceeded to Elijah and said, ‘After this, I am assured that you are God’s man and that the LORD word from your mouth is the truthfulness.” (1 Kings 17:21-24).

Faith in the future of the ones who have passed away

The strongest thing in the whole world is the love that a woman has for her kids. The above-mentioned women witnessed their dead children be alive again. In those 3 incidents, women noted the resurrection of their children; and by which many people and themselves felt their faith was even stronger than before.

How much more significant will that day become when every woman will witness resurrection from the dead? This is what Jesus promised to his followers, “Do not be surprised at this; because the hour is approaching when those who are in the tombs will listen to his voice and arise.” (John 5:28-29).

That is usually the hope for everyone – the resurrected body! It requires faith to accept this will take place!

What are the basic attributes of a women of faith?

After you have gone through all the above stories of women of hope in the Bible, you can now understand what is needed to be a woman like that. We have mentioned some of the main women of faith characteristics below, so go through them.

  • She believes in the future

What plans does God have for everyone? He expects us to stay in his kingdom. All 3 stories of the women who saw their children alive from a dead state can build up our understanding and faith in the promise of God to bring the dead back to life, and the arrival of the Kingdom of God as well.

  • She trusts the word of God

The word of God is just life, and they provide us comfort and encouragement. He requires us to ponder upon what is written in the Bible. And it is vital to meditate and read what God has stated. Plus, in the Bible, the women of faith usually knew what God had believed and said.

  • She builds a relationship with God

It is important to understand and believe in who God truly is. He is just like a fatherly figure, and he expects us to have a good connection with him. And one great way to achieve that is by praying to him daily by going to church.

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