All you need to know about Enneagram 8 (The Protector)?

Eights are usually known for their need to be strong enough to prevent any kind of vulnerability. They portray themselves as decisive, assertive, and confident to others. Plus, people who are labeled as Eight can be intimidating and argumentative. And so they must protect and take a stand for people who are feeble than themselves.

Key motivations: Enneagram 8are motivated by their hunger to be in control and independent. They withstand looking feeble and condemn any authority that stops them.

Innermost fear: The most prevalent fear of Eights is being powerless and vulnerable. So they fight with such fears by always showcasing themselves as strong.

Basic personality traits of the 8

  • Focused on environmental control
  • Headstrong and stubborn
  • Raging power and passions
  • Busy and energetic
  • Filled with determination and stamina.
  • Confident and powerful appearance
  • Self-sufficient and highly independent

How limited are Enneagram 8s

As per a Truity study comprising greater than 54,000 respondents, Eights were figured out to make up roughly 15 percent of the total population. Moreover, Type Eight is found more in men (18 percent) as compared to women (12 percent).

Strengths and weaknesses of Enneagram 8

Each kind of personality archetype has certain blind spots and strengths, and they are normally expanded in professional settings where we come across various groups of individuals with highly diverse value systems and backgrounds.

Logical and fair decision formingTrying to take responsibility when they don’t need to
Protecting and supporting other individualsThe problem is following orders and rules
Nicely helping others in their successAbility to disregard others point of view
Reacting decisively and instantlyUsually considered as intimidating
Power to convey their message in every type of situation 

Wings of Enneagram type 8

8w7: The wing of Enneagram 8with the type 7 is an Eight who correlates most characteristics with Enneagram 7. This type is enthusiastic, energetic and may look much more aggressive as compared to the other Eights. The usual jobs for this type comprise lawyer, politician, and entrepreneur.

8w9: The wings of Enneagram 8 with the type 9 (Peacemaker) are quite similar to each other. They are calm, confident, and normally quite patient as compared to the other Eights. Famous jobs for them can be judge, counselor, professor, and activist.

What are the key values of Enneagram 8?

  • Whenever danger knocks in and their dear ones are in tough times, the Challenger will hopefully open its wings for providing shelter to them
  • Challengers also entail a quite strong thought of justice. While loyalty has an important impact on the value system of Challenger. They are loyal to those who’ve shown themselves to be a good support in bad times
  • Challengers are prepared to be impactful, and won’t give up at all. They are proud of themselves for their truth, honesty, and strength
  • Control, power, influence, and competence –Challengers lookup for respect all the time

How to identify an Enneagram type 8?

Most Eights are known for their roles of leadership, the Challenger helps in recognizing them along with a self-assuredness and confident feel in their walk and speech. 

They really don’t believe in the logic of forming your luck and prefer working a lot harder to make things work. Challengers are fiercely independent and are not scared to have a confrontation, which leads them into hot water at times.

They entail a natural authority when it comes to engaging in conflict, particularly when faced with the classic, “You have to obey this, as I ordered you so.” While respect is gained through competency and reason, and not via status or age.

Growth advice for Enneagram type 8

  • Sometimes just permit others to make the move

With their direct approach and commanding personality, the Eight is considered a good leader. However, there are some instances when you should withdraw and give someone else the chance. So Eights should understand that at times.

  • Put a conscious effort to freely receive and offer love to people

Eights have the habit of perceiving others as either against them or with them. This is the reason that it becomes hard for them to build authentic, solid relationships. So have a big heart while receiving or giving love to someone.

  • Explore your limits

Most energetic Eights motivate themselves to discover their limits, not really aware that they are already doing that. This can result in unintentionally motivating other individuals to their limits also. So be more attentive to your emotional and mental states, and give yourself enough time to recover and rest when required.

  • Understand that vulnerability is not weakness but strength

Eights consider their vulnerable and raw emotions as feeble, but in real growth takes place when they witness the values in these personality aspects. Vulnerability permits Eights to link more intensely with others, and evolve into their true sense. 

  • Before coming to a decision, consider what you are feeling and thinking

Eights are highly reactive to their emotions. Therefore, you need to think through things with an open mind before any action or making any decision.

Comparison of healthy, unhealthy, and average Enneagram 8s

  • The unhealthy 8

The emotions and feelings of other people become unimportant, as they act heedlessly to the polite side of human behavior. When their power delusions are no longer in their possession, Challengers act completely cold and take an opposed stand to people who challenge them and their intentions.

They will try to give empty warnings to attain their power over others again and flip current relationships into some kind of test –where you only get the chance to fail or pass.

Many people might not agree with the Challengers, and they will get a reason to work in isolation. At last, they will end up into a loner.

  • The healthy 8

Eights can prove themselves to be a victor of ideas for people who are abused. They are strong leaders who can act as a driving force and support system for communities and causes.

Their commitment and energy are to make society a better place for not only the Challengers but also for people who want to evolve.

Challengers are loving to their family and friends. They will lend their hand to anyone and everyone who is in need. When they understand to form their kind-hearted side, joy and gratitude evolve from within themselves. Plus, after being aware of other needs, they usually throw away their ‘tough’ appearance instantly.

  • The average 8

As mentioned earlier, Eights are always in the race to win. May it be any argument or a point of view, they can turn anything into a battlefield. They are stubborn and assertive, but as well as competent and self-assured.

When they are on their low days, they keenly examine their behaviors and improve themselves. They escape from acting vulnerable, which will be a halt for intimacy and connection. Acting like this would depict feebleness, which is not a part of their personality at all. In response, they can be perceived as intimidating yet ambitious by friends. 

Their rebellious attitude and stamina help them in achieving milestones, with every fall they are persuaded to work even harder.

Motivation and stress factors for Enneagram 8

When others go through dissatisfaction, stress, and pain, it can normally be stated as activities that drain all your energy. Thus, it’s vital to figure out what types of activities drain every kind of personality and which activities electrify them.

Physical exercise and actionComing across helpless feelings
Preferring decisions that are beneficial for othersPeople being dishonest or blaming for the wrong reason
Given respect and freedomGoing through emotional or vulnerable incidents
Taking ownership and guiding othersNot given much importance
 Someone trying to control or rule

Romantic relationships of Enneagram 8

Eights can be protective or dedicated lovers, particularly to people who’re usually altruistic, laid-back, and quiet. When your partner is an Eight, then they must understand to diminish panic conversations and keep the relationship balanced.

When it comes to a romantic relationship, Eights come along with strong points, such as:

  • Providing their lover, a lot of freedom
  • Trying their best to protect their lover from any emotional or physical pain
  • Believing in honest and open discussions

You might face troubles in such romantic relationships, for instance:

  • Changing their approach to problem-solving
  • Permitting their lover for decision-making
  • The habit of being vulnerable to emotions

Professional relationships of Enneagram 8

The time when Eights start working with those who are a lot reserved and relaxed, they can support them in advocating them and making decisions. In case they work with some other Eight, it’s recommended that they work along each other to beneficially prevent time-to-time clashing.

The Type Eight work best with people who;

  • Stay open to new thought processes
  • Voice their rights

The Type Eight might get obstacles if they;

  • End up being emotionally vulnerable and truthful
  • Disrespect or defy any figure of authority

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