What is a USB card: 15 must-try USB hacks

We all have used USB sticks to transfer files between computers or to back up our files, but there are other cool things you can do with a USB card! But have you ever tried using a USB drive to make a hot plate? Sounds interesting, right?  It seems like you have never been exposed to some awesome USB hacks. It’s time that you prepare yourself to learn what this small gadget is capable of doing.

Assuming that you all know what a USB card is, did you know this small gadget cannot just save your data but your life as well? You might not believe it now, but when we reveal the lifesaving flash drive hacks, you will be left with no option to believe us!

What’s on the list of hacks?

  • 5 – Best USBs in 2021
  • 10 – USB Simple Hacks
  • Hot Power Plate
  • USB reading light
  • Modified Typewriter
  • Portable Web Server
  • USB Keystroke
  • Store Games
  • Digital Time Capsule
  • Encrypt your sensitive information
  • Save laptops from Virus Attacks
  • Old School Mix-Tape
  • Lock your computer
  • Portable Dropbox
  • Speed up your computer
  • Run WordPress on your USB
  • Store travel documents digitally

Here we have some best USB recommendations for you because you will want one after reading about its tremendous benefits!

5 – Best USBs in 2021

  • Samsung Fit plus
  • SanDisk Cruzer CZ36
  • Kingston DataTraveler G4
  • PNY Turbo
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro CDCZ880

You can use any of these to carry out the hacks that we are going to discuss now!

15 – USB Simple Hacks

Here is a list of tricks that are worth trying if you want to make the most of this small device.

Hot Power Plate

First, we must admit that this hack is our most favorite of all. Like, who could have imagined that one could use a flash drive to make a hot plate? All you need is a Flash Drive, an old CPU, a fan grill with screws, a rotary tool, and an artistic mind to make a USB-powered hot plate. Get your tools ready. Here is a complete guide to making a hot plate.

USB reading light

Again, this hack proved that old school is cool. This is one of the oldest hacks and yet the most impressive one to date. You can create a USB reading light with the help of an LED light and some wires. Check the guide to make your USB reading light at home.

Modified Typewriter

This one was not common until modder Jack Zylkin brought alternative flash drives and created a modified Typewriter with a digital twist. This modified typewriter translates keypunching into digital alphabet and numbers. To make this magic hack happen, you will need a customized PCBA and a flash drive connection. If you are ready to make one of your own, then check this guide.

Portable Web Server

Now by using this hack, you can show and even develop your PHP websites to anyone anywhere. In case you are wondering what a USB web server is. It is a combination of different web server software, including Apache, MySQL, PHP, and PhpMyAdmin. To carry out this hack, you need to have a USB and this guide.

USB Keystroke

Play epic practical jokes on your friends at the workplace using USB keystrokes. It is an injection attack tool that is often known as “Rubber Ducky.” It automatically locks the host computer’s CAPS keys and performs random (uncontrollable) cursor movement.

Store Games

Since PC games consume a lot of your device space, here is a hack to deal with this problem. Instead of downloading games directly on PC, install them on your USB and run them straight through it whenever you want. It will not just save your space but prevent your device from slowing down.

Digital Time Capsule

This one is another incredible hack of a flash drive in which you can take a digital snapshot of your life using USB. It is like a multimedia scrapbook that contains records and mementos. You can create a collection of files to display different eras of your life.

Encrypt your Sensitive information

If you have stored important information like personal documents, work documents on your USB drive. You may want to try this hack! You can guard your information by encrypting it using Windows onboard tools or downloading free data encryption apps like VeraCrypt, AxCrypt, etc.

Save laptops from Virus Attacks

If you are sensing your laptop to be acting like a virus hub. You can try this hack. Download AVG free antivirus software 2021 on your flash drive. It will scan for viruses and restore your files from your USB drive.

Old School Mix-Tape

Surprise your friend by creating a modern version of the 90’s mixtape. Create a playlist, save it on a USB drive, and give it to your childhood buddy as a thoughtful gesture. Or you can add your favorite music to it and use it as memorabilia – as a throwback to your memorable times of life.

Lock your computer

Now turn your USB into a security key for your device. Install any free program like Predator on your USB drive and use it as a personal virtual key. It locks your computer when you unplug the flash drive. You can plug it back into your laptop to unlock.

Portable Dropbox

This is the best USB hack for those who travel a lot. USBs can run Dropbox as a portable app. To use that portable Dropbox, install DropboxportableAHK –  an AutoHotkey script that supports portable dropbox, and follow this guide from there.

Speed up your computer

With flash drives, it is easy to speed up your computer now. Use your USB drive as extra RAM to make your system function optimally. It will enable you to run multiple apps simultaneously without compromising on speed. You can further check this tutorial to get a clear idea about how to do it.

Run WordPress on your USB

This particular hack is helpful for those who need to do work on the go. All you need to do is install and run WordPress on your USB drive. Now enjoy working on your blog from any part of the world while offline. Check out this detailed guide to do it yourself.  

Store travel documents digitally

This hack will help you while traveling. Store digital copies of all your travel documents, for instance, visa, passport, and air tickets, on your USB drive. Keep it with you in your hand-carry or a pocket. If something unfortunate happens to your print documents, you will always have something at your fingertips to refer to.

What is a USB card is no more a question to ask now. If you are still unaware of how USB works, you can read about it first and then try these hacks out! It is time to be smart enough to play with them and carry out all these hacks by yourself.

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