All you need to know about an adorable creature named Munchkin kitten

Are you excited to know about the newest cat breed? And you never know it might not be a breed as well.

Moreover, have you come across cute photos of a Munchkin kitten on the internet? And were puzzled about its quite short legs that made you ponder whether it was voluntarily bred that way, or was it a genetic mishap? Well, the answer to both of these queries is ‘Yes.’

Whatever the logic is, we are pretty sure that a Munchkin kitten is an incredibly adorable pet that you will want to have, especially if you are a cat lover. 

What is the appearance of a Munchkin kitten?

Whenever you come across a picture or witness the cat in real life, we bet you will notice their short legs first. These are their basic characteristics. However, normally the cat is considered of small-to-medium size, weighing around 5-9 pounds (females are less heavy than males).

The front legs of the Munchkin kitten may bow a bit and his hind legs are a bit longer as compared to his front, building his back slope a bit down.

When it comes to the appearance of the Munchkins, then many perceive them as the cat kingdom’s Dachshund. While some also call Munchkin a “sausage cat,” a comparable nickname to the dearest “wiener dog.”

The short limbs of the Munchkin are because of an organic genetic mutation and are the breed’s significant feature. Munchkin kittens are available in every coat pattern, color, and length.

A greater number of them have a plush coat, but there are varieties of long-haired cats (which have silky fur that is usually semi-long) as well. On the other hand, plush medium-density coats are found in Munchkins that are short-haired. And silky-smooth fur is found in Munchkins that are long-haired. Plus, famous patterns and coat shades are solid black, gray, calico, and tabby.

What is the personality of a Munchkin kitten?

Even though it’s hard to avoid the physical charm of the Munchkin, the breed’s personality is quite enchanting. Munchkins are just adorably different from the other cats and are considered true extroverts. They love human beings (comprising kids), other dogs, and cats.

They are intelligent and curious cats who have fun learning tricks and puzzle toys. They are said to resemble magpies since they have an affection for shiny things such as jewelry, which they are normally seen to stow and steal away.

Their short legs never come in their way of running fast. They are awesome at jumping and chasing.

Moreover, they have a special nature of sitting up on the back limb of a quadruped (hind leg).

What are the basic living needs of a Munchkin kitten?

The best living place for a Munchkin kitten is considered to be the indoor living conditions. She just needs a good space to play and run around.

This lively kitten enjoys working up at an intense speed on her small legs. It might not be possible for her to reach the bookshelf’s top in a sole bound, but she will still enjoy climbing and jumping.

Moreover, a cat tree with a point of the low opening is an incredible way to make your Munchkin analyze heights instantly. They can normally get much of the air to land on sofas and couches in the hunt of a human lap or sunny spot on a pillow, and like other breeds, they are amazing at climbing. So make sure you secure your room curtains and don’t let them climb on the tree.

The Munchkin kittens are the best addition you can have as family pets or as a buddy to mature owners. Whatever your living condition is, a Munchkin can jam in easily in no time. But make sure you don’t leave her alone for a prolonged period.

These kittens are known as social butterflies too. They just enjoy attention from their dearest people and usually love cuddles and laps for sitting.

How to take proper care of a Munchkin kitten?

Your Munchkin grooming sessions will be led by their style of coat. Munchkins that are short-haired need to be brushed every week. While the ones who are long-haired need to be brushed quite often to set their coat free from any tangles.

Your Munchkin kitten will wash, but her restricted leg reach can result in hardship in keeping up with the hygiene. Random showers are a nice idea for keeping her buddy nice and tidy. Plus, ensure that her ears are nicely cleaned and nails properly trimmed.

Munchkins are quite intelligent kittens who can be taught to fetch or stroll on a leash. They usually answer nicely to clicker training with a lot of effective reinforcement. Although they are quite social, beforehand introduction to members of the family will help your pet feel safe.

Give your kitten fresh water and good quality cat food. And due to her small legs, ensure water bowls, food dishes, and litter boxes entail small edges so your pet can approach them without any hurdle. Also, do consult your veterinarian from time to time to make sure your Munchkin is being provided the right nutrition.

What about the health-related concerns?

Munchkin kittens are normally healthy pets with an estimated life period of around 12 to 15 years. But like other breeds, these loveable kittens can catch some particular health problems. Mainly, Munchkins can come up with issues that disturb feline breeds at large, comprising pancreatitis, urinary tract infections, and heart problems.

As a completely new breed, they are mostly considered to be a breed that is free from any health issues or risks of disease. Nevertheless, due to their quite small legs, it’s highly important to prevent fatness and sustain a lean body balance.

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