Here is all you need to know what does Siri look like!

For many of the past years, Siri has been used on Apple devices as a voice assistant. The voice of Siri has become a purse and pocket accessory to almost everyone across the globe. The lady behind Siri’s voice has starred together with Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson. She has given restaurant tips and weather forecasts, been ridiculed as purposeless, and answered ridiculous questions about what clothes she is wearing. 

Moreover, Siri was launched to the audience with the iPhone 4S on 4th October (2011) as a voice-activated digital assistant of Apple.

So, who is the lady behind the technology ‘Siri?’

Many people have been pretty curious about Who is the person that speaks as Siri? What does Siri look like?

If you have been thinking about all such questions, then we are puzzled about the same thing too.

Well, in reality, a woman named Susan Bennett is Siri’s voice. And she resides in suburban Atlanta.

Behind the curtains of this mind-boggling technology, there is a freaking woman who is just super-talented at her work. While Apple always likes being confidential and has never recognized her, all hints indicate that the real Siri’s voice in the US is a voiceover actor who set down recordings for a customer 8 years ago. Susan Bennett had no clue she would someday be talking to even more than a hundred million individuals via a not-yet-invented device.

Furthermore, Apple won’t prove it. But Susan Bennett claims that she is the original Siri. Many professionals that are aware of her voice, have collaborated with her and showcase her legally as Siri. Plus, an audio-forensics specialist with experience of 30 years has analyzed both voices and tells he is 100 percent sure the 2 are similar.

How did Susan Bennett choose this career?

We hope that till now you’ve gotten your answer about what does Siri look like!

However, if we talk about how Bennett landed into this career, then let us tell you that this happened as an unexpected thing in the 1970s. Currently, she can be listened to throughout the world. She speaks up on innumerable phone devices and in commercials. She explains directions through devices of GPS and direct passengers in Delta airport terminals.

Moreover, for a long time, it has been a job that has provided her anonymity. But today she has revealed herself as Siri in front of the media. 

Did Apple come up with a new Siri before Bennett?

The launch of iOS 7 as the new operating system of Apple along with the new voice of Siri has steered up the news that the reign of Bennett as the Siri of America is soon about to come to an end. Simultaneously, The Verge (site for tech news) has put up a video the previous month, “How Siri explored its voice,” that made other viewers assume that Allison Dufty (the featured voiceover artist) was the real Siri. After knowing this news, Dufty cleared the false rumors stating on her website that she is “definitely, not Siri’s voice,” and the news was only hyped by some bloggers.

Certainly, Susan Bennet was looking at all such situations and was keeping her secret, watching and laughing at all the made-up stories. For a quite long period, she had been advised by her husband and son to reveal her identity. Plus, the counterparts of Siri in Australia and the UK have also unleashed their identities.

So why should she not do it too? Bennett was juggling through many such questions in her mind, and at last, she figured out an answer.

“Every individual was so curious to know the original voice of Siri, and so I pondered…what is wrong with me?” This is just the right time – SUSAN BENNETT

The experience of Susan Bennett as Siri

After people got to know what does Siri look like, and how she ended up with the voiceover career, audiences wanted to know her experience as Siri as well.

It all began in 2005 when Bennett became the ideal voice. A software firm named ScanSoft was hunting for their new project’s voice. It came across to a suburban Atlanta firm called GM Voices that had formed niche recording voices for technologies of automated voice. Now, Susan Bennett who was considered as a trusted talent with tons of work experience at GM Voices was one of the suggestions presented. ScanSoft was satisfied with what it listened to, and in 2005 (June), a contract was signed by Bennett servicing her voice for recordings.

“There are few individuals who can read from time to time, and there’s no hurdle. But when it comes to me, I get quite bored…So I prefer taking short breaks. That is also one of the reasons why I might sound rude, “Susan Bennett exclaimed with a giggle. “Those particular voices might have been taped at the ending 15 min of those 4 hours looks.

Susan Bennett career as a machine

When Bennett was a child, her most loved toy was a large red block along with a receiver, and a phone operating system and she used to arrange imaginary callers for connection. 

“I started my machine career several years ago,” Susan Bennett exclaimed. “I am pretty sure that many of you come across my voice at some particular time each day.”

But she never knew that many people would get to hear her, and it was a complete surprise for her.

She chose the work of voiceover in the 1970s by chance when she stepped into Atlanta’s Doppler Studios for the job of jingle and the talent of the voiceover was not much valued. The owner of the studio glanced around and stated, “Susan Bennett, come over here. You barely have an accent. Now, read this out.”

Susan Bennett did as she was told, and an incredible path for her career was revealed.

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