Blanket Jackson: A glimpse from childhood to what he looks like now

Whether you are a fan of American music or not, it is impossible to not know about Michael Jackson – “The King of Pop”. He ruled the hearts of the people since the launch of his first album “Thriller” in 1982 and continued to do so until his death in June 2009.

Despite his popularity, Jackson led a controversial life. Maybe that is the reason people are particularly interested to know the whereabouts of his youngest son and often wonder what does Blanket Jackson look like now?

Blanket was the youngest of three children that Michael Jackson left behind, and ever since his birth – he has been a subject of debatable actions of his father.

Blanket Jackson`s birth

Blanket was born in 2002, and ever since there were rumours that his mother was not Michael Jackson`s second wife – who gave birth to his other two children. It was confirmed by Michael in 2003 that Blanket was conceived through surrogacy.

Being a star child, the public was keenly interested in finding out about his surrogate mother – and the curiosity increased when his father refused to disclose her name – stating that he had an agreement with her that her identity would not be revealed. In fact, even Blanket Jackson`s birth certificate did not have his mother`s name mentioned on it.

Controversies involving Blanket Jackson

  • According to rumours, Michael wanted a ‘designer baby’ with specific looks. This was the reason that he opted for surrogacy. Many condemn this act calling it ethically wrong to artificially create the looks of a baby according to your choice, while others hold the opinion that it is the parent`s personal matter. However, this is not clear if this was actually Michael`s intention behind choosing surrogacy – or if specific looks were even a priority at all.
  • When he was only nine months old, people caught Blanket Jackson being swayed over a hotel’s balcony by his father in Germany. Unquestionably, this was followed by public outrage. His father later accepted this incident as a “terrible mistake” and was reported to have locked himself in a room for a whole day, out of remorse and guilt.

Blanket Jackson’s name on the birth certificate was Prince Michael II Jackson but he was commonly known as Blanket because that was a nickname given to him by his father. However, his father died when he was only 7 years old.

Later, on account of peer pressure, Blanket announced changing his name to Bigi in 2015 – stating that he had to face a lot of bullying because of his name. Therefore, he preferred to be called Bigi- from then onwards.

What does Blanket Jackson look like now and what is he doing nowadays?

Blanket Jackson is now 18 years old, and is living a adrenaline-rushed teenage life that is peculiar to this age group. According to sources, he loves comics and enjoys watching movies.

During his life, Michael Jackson took great pain to conceal the identity of his children so they could live a “normal life”. Most public appearances of Blanket – as a baby – were made hiding his face with the blanket, leaving the masses wondering what does Blanket Jackson look like now during various phases of his growth years. His two elder siblings were also made to wear masks in most media appearances. Therefore, the first time the public actually got a glimpse of these children was at their father’s memorial service.

Blanket, being the youngest, and hence least exposed to media, attracted great attention from the public. Below is a picture of what he looked like at 7 years of age.

For those who are wondering what does Blanket Jackson look like now and what he is up to nowadays, below is a photograph of him with his elder brother, Prince, which was actually Blanket`s legal name.

Blanket, or Bigi, is a high-school student. He has also started a YouTube channel for movie reviews in 2019. Their channel is called Film Family.

Blanket shares a strong bond with both his siblings, and it is heart-warming to see the trio stay united years after their father’s death. Below is a picture posted by Paris on Instagram in 2017, where she poses with both her brothers and a family friend. (Blanket can be seen on the extreme left).

After the sad demise of his father, Blanket Jackson did make a few media appearances with his elder siblings – Paris and Michael Joseph Jackson Junior – but has mainly remained out of the spotlight.

He recently made headlines after he purchased his first home in Los Angeles suburb, Calabasas to celebrate his eighteenth birthday. Now that he is also running a YouTube channel, fans have an easier way to know about his looks, likes and dislikes.

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