20 Weird Siri answers: humor inciting comebacks

Thinking of taking assistance from Siri? Caution is advised! Yes, you heard that right. Technology isn’t all about clicking your way to performing tasks on gadgets, accessing the internet, and passing on information, etc. There’s the fun side of it too, which is totally responsive, engaging, and comparable to human behavior. The collection of weird Siri answers on record without a doubt prove that Siri has lived up to the reputation of artificial intelligence by showing us her tech side of mood swings and extending answers that are hilariously weird.

An excerpt on AI prevalence

Life today is surrounded by artificial intelligence which is the breed of technology designed to perform tasks earlier doable only by mankind in terms of assistance, responsiveness, intelligent search, voice communication, language processing, learning, and perception.

Ranging from using smartphone interfaces to automated financing, virtual assistance, social media monitoring, manufacturing robots, product optimizing, inventory planning, and so on, we are engaged in artificial intelligence in almost all walks of life. Hence, we are fully aware of what Siri is programmed to do and what capacity she possesses in the light of which we take her to be a credible virtual partner.

Taking this tech – aptitude humorously a notch up further, there have been multiple times when people have received replies, certainly unexpected but entertaining at the same time. In fact, individuals have taken a different route to enjoy the reactions of this automated response-feature ( whether a flaw or a programmed aspect) which highlights how real technology can get in terms of displaying human-like behavior that is raw, eccentric, sarcastic, amazing, and amusing by all means possible.

In doing so, people have loved to openly share and enjoy their experience of fun-filled feedback from Siri in response to their queries. Below are a handful of the hilariously weird Siri answers shared with the masses that bring out the essence of what we are actually talking about when it comes to interacting with Siri.

Top weird Siri answers

Number #1

Siri is a techno consultant at your service for problem-solving. So, whether you’re deliberately testing her competency & patience or passing time via the chatty interface feature, the collection of weird Siri answers in stock will never fail to amuse you with responses accurate and informative, and yes at times hilarity wrapped in absurdity.

If you think you are smart enough to get away with trying to confuse Siri by mixing up her name with another (Alexa), think again! She has a better way to keep you engaged in thinking about how to figure out and make sense of something.

Number #2

This is definitely one of those weird Siri answers that tends to enlighten up the mood and trigger an ambiance of conversation one would like to look forward to with friends. We simply adore Siri for her candid and upfront responses in providing relevant feedback but with a tinge of humor and ludicrousness.

Number #3

 This epic response stands valid and yet weird in terms of the contradiction that stands between her programming and her reply. Designed to respond in human language it is bizarre how she cannot explain in human language. Or maybe thinking otherwise, that’s a pretty witty way to cut a conversation short – especially when you’re not interested. Maybe we should try harder to read between the lines.

Number #4

Couldn’t have taken her programming more seriously in terms of providing assistance. This weird answer actually cracks one up where one would hope to find a judicious approach to pacifying a query intended towards self-harm, yet here we are being provided a list of options to proceed with. This sure is for laughter at its best.

Number #5

Not every time is the right time for Siri to be interested in what you have to say or ask. This simply counts as weird witnessing a ‘not-interested automated response’ from a programmed feature devoid of human emotions, yet displaying similar behavior.

Number #6

Shouldn’t we be thinking about the relevance of what we ask? A weird reply to a weird query. After all, Siri is mature to handle her own battles knowing well how to apply the tit for tat policy.

As common time passes, people tend to play around with Siri with absurd questions, but what we love even more is that she is just as jolly and knows how to pay back in the same coin.

Number #7

Technical issues can arise and responses may be incomprehensible and we understand that when it comes to technological devices and their functioning, but we can also pretty much guess when the answer is way out of context, unless you’re genius enough to click the underlying meaning indicating the cons of using phones too much.

Number #8

It’s time to put your knowledge and intellectual capacity to test and attempt to unravel what was just said. It’s totally bizarre how the digital answer lacks clarity in meaning and leaves ones lingering on guessing what is implied in the embellished self-description.

Number #9

Not sure how accurately Siri can pull off a sarcastic joke? Then simply go no further.

Number #10

Hilariously weird how a statement can be interpreted in many ways and the response comes out just the opposite of what you expect and that too from a programmed feature. We simply cannot blame the database, it merely is a random selection of possible replies from its stock of relevant data.

Number #11

Though Siri has a massive list of selection of commands for responding, that range from assisting you in providing information, sending texts, setting up alarms, playing music, controlling home kit products, performing translation, making recommendations, etc, but rest assure if trying your luck of smartness or putting up a stunt with this robotic feature, you’re in for a hell of an entertainment.

Number #12

Wonder if the response is even legal to be available, nevertheless let’s just take it on a lighter note and admit that this definitely is absurdity at its best. Though the answer is totally way out of accepted norms, yet Siri manages to offer the ultimate solution of eliminating the main hurdle in passing the biology class. Let’s just hope no student reads this or takes it seriously.

Number #13

So Siri pretty much stands clear on this, and we’re glad she’s not the culprit.

Number #14

 Bull’s eye! Though nothing short of accuracy in response,  it sure is eerie as it simply amazes one to know how far mankind has actually advanced and is capable of manipulating technology by inducing human-like behavior into the non –  living and non – human things.

So, the next time you fail to pitch in good jokes, you know who to turn to because we’re pretty much sure there’s plenty where that came from.

Number #15

That is definitely humor-packed with straightforwardness leaving nothing else for further discussion. Next question please, if any?

Number #16

Getting ridiculed by software is definitely weird and something to laugh about. We sure know that artificial intelligence aims to make its developments behave even faster and smarter than humans, also more result-oriented, but this extremely comparable response is amazing. At this pace and with such outcomes, it definitely raises a brow of what to expect next. All eyes hooked on!

Number #17

The response is epic and humor inciting, though it really makes one ponder have they actually met in person?

Number #18

Weird reply but not everything has to make sense and this is merely an example of just that and nothing else.

Number #19

Not sure if Siri is actually reliable and programmed to provide the most consistent and relevant replies to help you out. With feedback such as this, it pretty much seems like taking chances with the auto-programmed software not able to handle calculations.

Number #20

Last but not the least, we can for sure appreciate the honesty of Siri.

So, if you’re bored, have no friends to hang out with, are not sure what to do, or if not for reasons of assistance and information, then you’ll surely love to use the chatty interface with Siri and relish the artificial means of entertainment with all praises for the witty, weird, and comical remarks.

Having said so, it is never intended to imply that you won’t be seeking any accurate response from this advanced tech feature. We have just for the sake of entertainment and laughter composed a collection of the many times Siri has kept alive the spirit of human – like behavior- an auto programmed feature of artificial intelligence.

So, if you’re hooked up badly and enervated from the whole day’s hectic routine, seek the perfect way to relax with a smile and read out the collection of weird Siri answers as it’s definitely the best way to pass your leisure – – entertainment guaranteed!

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