Wear your gown and get on the video call: Graduation memes for 2021!

If you’re a class of 2021, you must be stressing over how your graduation ceremony would be like. Obviously, nobody loves to receive their long-awaited degrees over a video call.

Since it’s graduation month, graduating students must have some plans in mind for their graduation celebration. Even though it will not be like it used to be, you still have your friends and family with you to share these special moments with you. So, focus more on the positives than on the negatives.

Isn’t it exciting that you don’t have to submit homework from now on? We know! You definitely couldn’t wait for that day. Like this, we are here to add some joy to your graduating month by presenting some hilarious memes on graduation.

A must-read!

Since we are your well-wishers, we don’t want you to die before reading these memes, so here are some precautions for you.

  • Do not drink and eat while reading meme no 4 as you could choke on them while laughing.
  • Don’t take anything personally; they are just for fun
  • Please don’t read them late at night as you will be unable to stop yourself and lose your sleep.
  • Keep Tylenol with you in case your stomach aches from laughing hard.  

Now that you are fully prepared, scroll down and check out what we have got for you.

11 – Graduating Memes for 2021!

To make this year’s graduation fun for you, we have created a great collection of some funniest graduating memes. Check them out now! We bet you will have tears of laughter while reading them.

When your favorite senior graduates

This is how the faces of juniors will be when their favorite seniors are graduating. The meme is for those who have been crushing on their seniors. But it’s time they have to say goodbye to their one-sided love story.

Just to add on, we have seen girls and boys crying at the top of their lungs during the graduation ceremonies. You know the reason, right?

Online Graduation

Since we have shifted to online schooling, this is how the students graduating will be receiving their degrees. Also, their proud siblings will be announced in the family-like “my brother has graduated, and he is at his graduation ceremony.”

Meanwhile, their brother at the ceremony taking the degree from the postman looked like this.

When you can’t remember what you have studied

Everyone knows how great the so-called online education is going. The students, especially those of 2020 and 2021, will be sitting like this on their graduation day, trying to remember what their subjects were.

Apart from that, the person in this picture does not seem to be even trying to remember what he has learned from school.

Thanks to Google

During all your academic years, you have been copying stuff from Google. And suddenly you remember that you should say thanks to the search engine.

Well, we won’t lie. We, too, had never been more grateful for Google than in these two years.

I don’t know what I’m doing

When you miss the graduation practices and then show up at the ceremony entirely clueless about what to do, this is how you will be like, knowing nothing and thinking about what you’re doing.

Don’t worry, boy, you will be the same when you start your first job. First jobs suck!

We are friends for life

Like us, you must have vowed with your high-school friends to stay the same after graduation. But let us tell you what actually happens. Everyone after the graduation ceremony will vanish in the air like their souls never existed.

The good thing is, you will know who your true friends are. Also, you have an entire life to make new friends.

I get Graduation memes

All your life, you have been a meme rotator in your group, but you are the one being bombarded with graduation memes this time. You will be like, “ I don’t send graduation memes. I just receive them”

Well, you are not alone in this. All the students of 2020 and 2021 must be receiving graduation memes like you.

It’s gone .. It’s done

This will be the face of the class toppers who had been working hard without exploiting the online cheating hacks. Well, they either are too dumb or very passionate.

We have a note for them, all the years of stress are not just going to end. Their hard work is being paid off. They are finally graduating, congratulations!

When you came to know you will be having online graduation

After making preparations for your graduation ceremony, all of a sudden, you receive this notice from your school that you will be having an online ceremony. This is how you will be weeping like.

Our sincere condolences to all those who are graduating this year. We pray you will not destroy the market.

1336 days later

We don’t just have memes for graduating students but for those as well who are about to graduate. Well, “about” here refers to the next year. Sorry kids!

This is how most of you must be making your graduation caps desperately while taking online classes. We hope this will ease your pain.

Congrats on getting through the easiest phase of life

After consistent rough nights, years of struggle, and hard work, your seniors say, Congratulations for getting through the easiest phase of your life. You will be feeling like punching them in the face.

Well, jokes apart, this is the most fun part of your life. Once you enter professional life, you will be going to miss all that fun.

Let’s conclude this with our favorite meme for the class of 2021.

We know it’s a tough time but what is more important is that you are alive and have your loved ones by your side. In this crucial time, this is a blessing. Also, don’t be upset about having virtual convocations. Once you start earning well, you wouldn’t even care about anything else. That’s among the few good things you can make out of this situation.

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