Unsolved everyday problems that we all incur on a daily basis

How many times have you found yourself yelling “WHY does this happen to me?”, only to be answered that it happens with everyone. However, when asked about the solution, no one seems to have a satisfactory answer.

Today, we will be discussing some unsolved everyday problems that leave us irritated. Sometimes we even laugh at the situation after the storm has subsided and our frustration has reduced.

Skim through our list, and see how many of these problems you can relate to.

Ice-cream melting in your hands

People who can eat an entire ice-cream cone without having it melted in their hands, or even worse, broken in half, are to be envied.

We really wonder if there is ever going to be a solution to this global problem. After all, it is heart-breaking to see the ice-cream you craved so badly for ending up on the floor, or on your clothes rather than in your mouth.

Video buffering

When watching a video on YouTube or other online platforms, it takes time to download before it can be viewed. The wait is really irritating and boring especially when it takes unusually long.

The word limit of search boxes

Amongst unsolved everyday problems, lies the word or character limit set in online search boxes. This restricts us from typing details of the movie we want to search, or our query related to any other topic.

While, you can’t type out an entire essay in the search boxes, let’s admit that the really small word limit does annoy us, especially when we need instant and appropriate search results but are unable to state our requirement in fewer words.

Bird poop

A situation that is likely to leave one enraged is a bird poop that sticks on the dress, when they are all set to go to an important event. It’s a real embarrassment if the incident happens in public.

Though certain superstitions assume it to be a sign of good luck, it definitely does not leave the victim in a good mood.

Since we lack control over nature as well as birds, this is, to date, an unsolved everyday problem for which there is no guaranteed defense mechanism.

Random holes appearing in clothes

How many times have you discovered that your favorite t-shirt suddenly has multiple minuscule holes? There is no apparent explanation for this mishap, yet the damage is done.

You`re not alone, we have all been there. 

We wonder that we didn’t get stuck in a bush, nor purposely poked our shirt with a sharp object – then how did these holes appear out of nowhere? The irony is that amongst all the clothes we own, they often choose our favorite piece of clothing to inhabit.

Though sometimes the reason may be excessive use or wear and tear, but honestly these holes may also pop up on fairly new garments, and we don’t know why.

Toothpaste falling off the toothbrush

Every morning as we apply toothpaste to our brush and get ready to brush our teeth, the toothpaste usually comes off the toothbrush and falls in the sink.

For a grumpy, sleepy person who has already forced himself out of bed, this minor inconvenience is very irritating. He will have to reapply the toothpaste on the brush.

On a serious note, this incident happens with almost all of us and some may be worried about the wastage of toothpaste.

However, this is an unsolved everyday problem, so be prepared to accept it as a part of your life. We might not be able to help you in this regard.

Self-service tills literally telling you to leave

Whenever we buy groceries in bulk, most of us prefer self-service tills so that we can check out and pack our belongings at our own pace and do not have to worry about the people next in line. However, our hopes are shattered when even the mechanized tills constantly tell us to leave under the guise of these words:

“Please take your items, thank you!”

Oftentimes when this happens, we would still be fidgeting with our shopped items, trying to arrange and fit them in the shopping bags. However, the repeated announcement from the till draws everyone’s attention towards us, leaving us a bit embarrassed as well as panicked, while the person waiting to use the till continues giving us judgmental glares.

No matter how many times we prepare ourselves to be quick with the packing of shopped items, and even make efforts to do so, the situation still reoccurs. This is one of the most common unsolved everyday problems.

Since there is no apparent fix for these unsolved everyday problems, it is useless to fret over them. Rather it would be a good option to laugh off and accept that we sometimes have no control over little things.

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