Unethical money hacks that you should avoid

Who doesn’t want to save money, or even better, earn more money? However, there is a right way and a wrong way of doing things.

Many times, you may unknowingly fall prey to unethical money hacks while your intention might not be evil. Therefore, we will be sharing a few of them with you.

Free storage space

We never have enough storage space to save our data and pictures, but we also do not like paying for one. An unethical hack to save money, yet get free storage space – that many Generation Z youngsters think of as a cool and smart tactic – is purchasing a new Chromebook just to avail the free cloud space it will allow you to obtain.

If you are wondering what is wrong with it, you will be amused to find out that most of these buyers then return the Chromebook and get a full refund while they continue using the free space that was meant for customers. Those who get benefit out of this hack are technically savvy individuals, fully aware of the fact that even if their free cloud storage expires, they would be able to access and download the already stored files.

Take advantage of someone’s mistake

It is very common at retail stores that an item gets a wrong price tag due to an unforced human error. However, regular buyers are well-aware of the correct prices. They know that chocolates that are usually priced in dollars cannot drop down to cents and the fact that the website is showing a pricing error if an article is being displayed at an unusually low price.

The most ethical act under these circumstances would be to notify staff members but some people are actually in search of a chance like this where they can buy items at throw-away prices.

However, if the store staff identify their mistake before you check out, they have the right to charge you the correct amount of money, but if they don`t, it’s your luck.

Sneak into a crowd you do not belong to

One of the most unethical money hacks would be to not buy a snack when you can afford to, rather get your hands on a free one which was meant for someone else.

One such trick that people heartlessly use is at the airports. Agreed, that edible items are priced slightly higher on tuck shops within the premises, but that does not mean that it is acceptable to sneak into the waiting area and pick up a free snack meant for passengers who are already worried about reaching their destination late, and might not have eaten in a while.

Subscribing to a service just to avail the introductory discount

Many brands like Debenhams offer discounts or gift cards to first-time users or new subscribers of their service or product with an aim to attract them and eventually turn them into their loyal customers.  However, people with no intention of buying from that brand ever again, sign up or purchase during the discount period just to benefit from the deal.

One user of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts went one step ahead and used the same discount voucher at multiple outlets, thus getting as much as 50 free doughnuts for a voucher that allowed him to enjoy only one.

This is a savage example of an unethical money hack! Though the staff are equally at fault for not taking away the used voucher or keeping a track of the barcode, it according to our definition may be classified as a doughnut fraud or a doughnut theft!

Get a free order at any beverage shop

If you work as a barista, you better be aware of this unethical hack. Many people tend to get away with a free drink. They would come yelling at the counter pretending that their order was placed a long time ago, but still hasn’t been delivered.  As a result, the confused staff would not only prepare their coffee on priority, making the other customers wait but they will also be liable for an absolutely free drink as a compensation for delayed service.

Get a new appliance for free

One of the most unethical money hacks that will somehow remind you of the American TV series Good Girls is getting a new household appliance absolutely free.

The trick is that once you break your appliance, go to the store and buy an appliance that is exactly identical to the broken one. Save the receipt and a few days later return the broken appliance claiming it turned out to be faulty. You`ll not only get a full refund but also a new appliance for free.

The reason we shared these unethical money hacks is to make our readers realize how wrong these seemingly “smart” tricks are. They can cost someone their job, or rightfully deserved benefit. It is not wrong to use a life hack at all, neither is it dishonorable to try and save money for your family. However, the key is being able to distinguish if the means to do so are illegal, and rewarding you at the cost of someone else’s downfall.

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