43 Two sentence horror stories that are sure to send shivers down your spine!

There is no such rule that every horror story needs to be long enough to freak you out. You just require a great horror concept and you are good to go. And so two sentence horror stories are quite horrifying to read. So when you are unable to take out time to binge-watch a horror movie, you can always turn to the two sentence horror stories. Trust us, they are enough to scare the shit out of you.

Moreover, we have formulated this spooky session which is filled with petrifying delights about everything from the asylums and apocalypse to demons under the mirrors and beds. For all you guys who love frightening or horror fiction, you must embark on this roller coaster ride. Because it entails scarifying moments that can make you scream anytime.

But do you know what’s the most interesting part?

The best part is that these nerve-racking stories aren’t a part of your life. And you can consider yourself safe while reading them. So take a chill pill! Plus, we aren’t gonna bore you here with very long stories. Our shortlisted stories are precise yet scary enough to make you go nuts in a matter of seconds. And so you can consider this session as a scary dose for your weekends.

Warning: While reading our two sentence horror stories it’s important that you turn off all the lights in the room. But do that at your own risk. Also, make sure you read our compilation of horror stories till the end, or else the demons will haunt you for their next target.

And most importantly, don’t laugh!

So guys are mindful of all these!

The creepy basement

The continuous voices won’t stop irritating Sara to let them free. We guess it’s the right time to visit the basement and end them forever.

The haunted closet


Before Stella’s grandparents left the city for the weekend, they locked her in the bedroom and made sure the door was closed. They said that there was nothing to be scared of: the demons won’t be able to reah you in your home. If they were here right now, then they would have listened to the demon giggles that are coming from the closet.

Death sentence on the scrapbook

Harry’s eyes were so much concentrated on watching the horrific images on the neighbor’s creepy scrapbook. As he reached the end of the scrapbook, he came across an empty spot with the current date written on it. 

Why is the keyboard typing on its own?

While Emily was about to complete her haunted story, she wrote ‘The End.’ Then suddenly the keyboard started typing ‘is about to come’ on its own.

Can someone open the door?

Mr. David has been locked in the old crazy asylum for around 24 hours to win the challenge of a million dollars. But it’s been 26 hours, so why is nobody opening the door?

Be aware of the curse

On Tuesday, grandpa was thinking about how his curse actually worked. Then he got to know that people who are in danger can only witness what he has written.

Unexpected screams

Stephen used to hear annoying screams that echo all day in his house. But he is deaf.

Cell phone in the coffin

There was a picture of Lauren sleeping in a pretty blood-red silk on her cell phone. The surprising part is that she is confused about how the cell phone is lying with her in the coffin.

Who is in the closet?

Did you hear someone knocking at your door? And if you hear noises from your closet as well, then you better not open the closet and the door anyhow.

What are we eating at dinner today?

Hello mamma, Mary is fixing little sister for you! She got into the kitchen to find his 9-year old son eating the eyes of their newborn baby.

A monster under the bed

While Mr. Simpson was making his daughter sleep, she told him, ‘Papa, look out for devils under my pink bed.’ As Mr. Simpson looked underneath, he freaked out because he saw his same daughter who was whispering, ‘Papa, there is an unknown person on my bed.

Can anything be scarier than this?

Donald cleaned James’s blood off of his shirt until he totally removed any hint of DNA. But Donald was looking for a thing to recall the night by, so he took some of his hair.

There is a demon at your back

Jenifer questioned the sexy guy in her college why he was looking at her the whole time during the class lecture. He answered that he was actually looking at the monster that always stays at Jenifer’s back.

You better avoid taking shower at night

John loved listening to sounds, such as his girlfriend excitingly tapping her nails on the bathroom sink, the opening of the door, and the flat sound of the bathe curtain pulling back before she got in to take a shower with him. But after listening to those tapping fingernails now, as he is taking a bathe on her girlfriend’s funeral night, John has gotten a bit scared.

The cursed teddy bear

Patricia’s daughter came to her and asked, “Mama, is someone behind you?” She twisted her head with a petrified feeling, to find nobody was there, glanced back to tell her daughter there was nobody but the bear she had in her hands turned all red.

You better not talk to the monster

Robert was alone in his room, and he sneezed gently. ‘Bless you, ‘somebody exclaimed.

Can we get rid of the pandemic?

A pandemic has eaten around 99% of mankind, but rest assure. It only greets people who are aware of it.

The angel of death

Richard’s grandfather told him it was a present to witness the angel of death in front of an individual’s houses – to realize that he would be taking somebody with him from there soon. Richard thought it was a present as well, until the time he started witnessing him in front of each house.

The weird boyfriend

After having a boyfriend all through college and high school, Mr. Thomas’ sister’s boyfriend at last visited today to ask for her hand.

Mr. Thomas handed it over to him, expecting that he’ll somehow tell where the leftover part of her daughter is.

Can you see the dead mom?

Charles was lying with his daughter on the bed while singing her most-loved song and giving her goodnight kisses. When he was done and looked back at her, she said “Mama kindly stop, you are not alive.”

The clever dog

The irritating dog comes at Daniel’s door every night and morning when he comes back and leaves from his office. But he is one clever dog to smell his caretaker’s blood on Daniel’s shoes every day.

The evil wife

Each morning Miss. Steven’s husband tells her that he adores her. But she wants him to stop saying that now. As Miss. Steven killed him 2 years back, but he still won’t stop loving her.

The cruel mother

Nancy was crying, “Mama, it’s so cold outside, kindly let me in!” But Nancy’s mother closed the curtains, being all aware that she won’t stay alive in the snow for a longer period.

Ghostly doll in the mail

Lisa received a scary doll in the mailbox this morning. But all of a sudden she is unable to find her in the house.

The haunted third floor

Margaret saw a face looking at him from his transparent window. He resides on the third floor.

A man with knife

Karen was alone when the storm hit her area and there was an electricity breakdown as well. All of a sudden lightning strikes and she could see an unknown man with a knife in her living room.

The serial killer

If you ever hear someone say, “He’ll bury you in his walls, your body will be missing for the longest time! He’ll wear your skin as a dress, your relatives will love you more than they do currently.” In case such a thing happens, you better call the police right away.


Susan sat up after seeing a bad nightmare that a devil-like guy was trying to intrude in her home, suddenly she listened to the screams of her son. She ran down the stairs and her son was covering his face with a pillow crying and screaming that a guy was looking at him from outside.

Home alone

Mathew came across a photo in his phone of him sleeping. He lives alone.

A visit to your own funeral

Ashley was a bit late to attend the funeral. No one acknowledged her, and she later on got to know why when she glanced into the casket and looked at herself.

The mysterious forest

Anthony was quite hungry and gone astray in the woods until he saw a hiker. He was soon full, but he wished she hadn’t cried so much.

Red roses

This one has to be one of the shortest two sentence horror stories!

Of course, roses are blood-red, violets are sky-blue.

You need to run; the devil is approaching you.

Playing with the dead

Linda’s mother told her she loves playing with her newborn baby. But Linda’s little sister was kidnapped in 2003 and they received her body in 2008.

Well, let’s just hope that Linda’s mother is mentally sane!

The blind date

Karen used to dream every day that he was murdered by a guy she has never even seen. She thought it was all crap until she reached a restaurant to welcome her blind date and witnessed him at the table (Yikes!).

The weird TV

Sandra’s Television keeps turning on its own. It is quite irritating, but the thing that tense her is how it just shows an image of Sandra standing in her drawing room.

The noise of coughing

Amanda’s wife came to ask Rebecca if she was doing well because she could listen awful coughing from all around the home. In reality, she wasn’t even coughing.

The mirror is alive!

Deborah loved to sing in the bathe at times. When she came out of the last shower, she saw the mirror write “You sing so well” –She lives alone.

Pizza mystery

After the doorbell rang, Miss Laura looked outside from the window. The pizza delivery man arrived, but she didn’t place an order at all –and certainly not from a person who is wearing a donkey mask.

Which is this place?

Stephanie was having a beautiful dream when she heard a hammering sound which woke her up. Soon after that, she could hardly hear the sound of dirt coating the dreadful coffin over my loud screams.

The grave

Amanda’s daughter won’t stop screaming and crying late at night. She visits her coffin and request her to stop, but she doesn’t listen to her at all.

An extra hand on the light switch

Just imagine, you reach home, exhausted after a long tiring day and prep up for a comfy night alone. You are about to reach your hands to the light switch, but some other hand is there already.

A ghost who lives in air

You don’t have to be scared of the ghosts, only look for them. Look to your right, to your left, in your closet, behind your dresser, underneath your bed but avoid looking up in the air, she doesn’t like being seen.

The wrong bus

We were quite happy that our son went on his bus for his 1st day of high school. We were left shocked when we saw the original bus arrived after 5 minutes.

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