Top 6 gorgeous teachers in the world

It goes without saying that, if you are pretty as a picture, then being the center of attention must be quite normal. We’ve all had teachers at every stage of our lives, some were inspiring while some were extremely gorgeous. Whether you would like to admit it or not, but it is true that being gorgeous can make anyone steal the limelight regardless of their profession. So, let us dedicate this post to the teachers, who would have become a successful model had they not opted for the teaching profession. We present you with a list of top 6 gorgeous teachers in the world.

Stay glued to your screen and don’t let the looks of these gorgeous teachers make you skip a heartbeat.

The attractive hunk with a bingo brain – David Calle


David Calle teaches science and math. Hailing from Spain (Madrid), he tops our list of gorgeous teachers as he surely could have set the ramp on fire, if he wasn’t teaching. He is not just good-looking, but has demonstrated excellence in his 20-year professional career. He has also won the Global Teacher Prize from Varkey Foundation.

Moreover, he has a website “Unicoos,” and his videos have helped around 30 million students across the world.

Although this young man has an exceptional list of professional achievements, there is still a need to highlight him as the most gorgeous teacher in the world.

The viral beauty – Oksana Neveselaya


Oksana Neveselaya from Minsk (Belarus) is one of the gorgeous teachers around the globe. However, people got to know about her through a 15 seconds hyped video that went viral on social media.

She is a teacher and a model by profession and has completed her degree from the National University of Kiev. Also, not to miss, the number of followers on her Instagram handle rose to 674K soon after her video on social media went viral.

The multi-talented beauty – Cheng Jhia


Cheng Jhia, who hails from Taiwan is considered as one of the gorgeous teachers in the world. She not only teaches economics, but also is a talented and versatile musician, who loves to play piano and flute. She has a huge fanbase on social media, and knows how to keep them engaged.

The Korean beauty – Park Hyun


Park Hyun, a Korean university lecturer is not only one of the most gorgeous teachers of the world, she also has a cool head on her shoulders. She knows how to keep her students engaged in her classroom. If she wouldn’t have been a teacher, she would have tried her luck in modeling.

The beauty pageant winner – Jordyn Goddard


You will be surprised to know that Jordyn Goddard – who has made it to the list of most gorgeous teachers in the world – has won several beauty pageants in the previous 15 years. She was also awarded with Miss College Park pageant in 2011, and Miss Collegiate America in 2012.

She served as a teacher in Prince George’s county. After she became famous, she left the teaching profession. She is currently serving as a firefighter in Fairfax county.

The beauty and the crown winner – Jessica Vanessa


Jessica Venessa was a part time History teacher at Oxford University. She has won Miss Bristol and Miss Somerset pageants.

Surprisingly, she has an uncanny resemblance to Carol Vorderman, the former Countdown star.

Before joining Oxford University, she also served at Churchfield Church School in Highbridge, Somerset.

In the above list, we have enlisted the top six most gorgeous teachers in the world. If you also know any gorgeous teacher who has taught you, then let us know in the comments.

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