Top 71 dumb questions to ask in 2021

In search of your queries over the internet, you may have come across several questions that look and feel to be the dumbest ones. You may have thought that why would someone ask these kinds of dumb questions? And what happens next, the sites which give the answers to those dumb questions are way more popular than the ones that actually have the answers.  

Some people think that dumb questions are actually a handy start of a conversation as well when you are out of topics and the conversation leads you to a dead-end. However, intelligent questions might make you get bore sometimes but if you ask dumb questions the answers can be quite funny, interesting, and surprising that keep the night going.

Today’s post is exactly about those hilariously dumb questions that you may have thought but never dare to ask for. Either you want to set the mood or just break the ice, the collection will always come in handy. Let’s introduce you to the dumbest questions to ask.

Dumb questions

  1. When you plug things into an electrical outlet, why do you call it an outlet then?
  2. If vegetable oil is made out of vegetables and corn oil is extracted from corns. Where is the baby oil come from?
  3. Why you have to stop windows from working by clicking Start?
  4. Why banks have branches if money doesn’t grow on trees?
  5. Lemon drink is made out of artificial flavors and lemon dishwashers with real lemons, why?
  6. Why the sun lightens our hair but darkens our skin?
  7. Why people press harder on remote buttons when they know the battery is dead?
  8. Why the investor of your money called a broker?
  9. If you say quizzes as quizzical, what would you say tests?
  10. If orange is called orange, then why lemons not yellow?
  11. Why isn’t impossible for women to put on mascara with a closed mouth?
  12. If an ambulance is on the way to save someone and due to its speed it ran over someone, would it stop to save the person on the road?
  13. Why it takes 15 mints to cook rice and 30 mints to cook bread?
  14. Is there any mouse-flavored food for cats?
  15. Can blind people see dreams?
  16. Why people say ‘sleep like a baby’ while babies wake up after every two hours?
  17. Why ‘phonics’ doesn’t spell the way it sounds?
  18. What would someone call a male ballerina?
  19. Why 11 is ndumb questionsot pronounced like ‘onety-one’?
  20. Why Broadway is congested?
  21. Why do sour creams have expiration dates?
  22. If the dictionary had misspelt a word, how would we know?
  23. Why does Goofy stand all the time while Pluto remains on four? They both are dogs btw?
  24. How can someone believe when you say the sky has 4 billion stars but always check we are said the paint is wet?
  25. If the #2 point pencil is popular, why it is still called #2?
  26. Is dyslexia intentionally made hard to spell?
  27. Why it isn’t handed over to the garbage man instead of a postman? Everything would be hassle-free.
  28. Why they have taught us math when we actually can use calculators?
  29. Why do we still call them oranges when half of them are yellow?
  30. Why car speedometers have numbers till 130 when we actually are not allowed to drive that much faster?
  31. Why nurse sterilize needles before injecting lethal medications?
  32. Why do they say to take a dump rather than to leave a dump?
  33. If I met with a bulldog and a shitsu at the same time, would I call them bullshit? 
  34. What’s the opposite of shut up?
  35. If nobody cares about how Jimmy cracks corns, then what made them making a song about it?
  36. Why softballs are hard?
  37. After how long a fish can swim after it eats?
  38. Why do we call night falls but the day breaks?
  39. Why the package is called shipped when it is sent through a truck or plane?
  40. What’s wrong with enjoying your own gas? 
  41. Do turkeys feel sleepy because of the thing that makes us sleepy?
  42. Why you have to stop when it is a drive-through?
  43. What happens after getting scared half to death – twice?
  44. If the world is a stage, where’s the audience?
  45. Are alphabets in order just because it’s a song?
  46. If your work is terrific, how come you are paid?
  47. If a book is named ‘Failure’, and no one buys it, would you call it a success?
  48. If all the good things come to those who wait, then what comes to those who never waited?
  49. If electricity runs over electrons, then what would you say for morality? Morons?
  50. Why Greenland is known as Greenland when it is covered with ice and painted white?
  51. Why blueberries are not blue?
  52. Why is hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, ‘fear of the long word’ , so long?
  53. Do infants like infancy the way adults like adultery?
  54. Have you ever received a call at work from your home to ask where the AC remote is?
  55. Why don’t you see ads for ad agencies?
  56. Why does water make things darker while it is clear?
  57. Why is chocolate not a vegetable when it comes from cocoa beans and beans are considered vegetables?
  58. If a spoon is made out of gold, would it still be called silverware?
  59. If it ‘goes without saying’, why would you say it?
  60. People often say ‘don’t quit your day job’, what do they say to those who work at night?
  61. If the president is gay, what do you call his husband? First man?
  62. Why the number 0 on the keypad of a phone come after 9, not before 1?
  63. What would you do if you are a genie and someone asked you ‘I wish that you don’t grant me this wish’? 
  64. Why does every superhero wear underpants over their pants?
  65. Why do the hairs on the legs don’t get split ends?
  66. When you hear something funny, why do you call it a ‘knee-slapper’ although you slap your thigh actually?
  67. Why are our kids taught that violence is not the solution to every problem and have them read about the wars that solved America’s problems?
  68. How can someone ask questions when a search bar says Yahoo answers?
  69. Can you make toasts in a gas oven?
  70. Which one is better to learn, English, American, or British?
  71. My house caught fire, whom should I call first?

We hope that you find these dumb questions funny and found their answers in your mind too. Don’t hesitate to use them when you ever get a chance in making your convo interesting.

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