People accidentally found a Real-Life Easter Egg

The festivities of Easter are considered incomplete without a treasure hunt for decorated, dyed, or chocolate-coated eggs, that are hidden for the children to locate. Interestingly, the history behind this ritual is that during the week before Easter, eating eggs was not allowed by the church leaders, so any eggs laid during that time were decorated and given to children as gifts.

Over the time, this concept has evolved into a tradition where people create embellished, cardboard eggs filled with presents for the children to discover. Things to put in Easter Eggs may vary from money to gift items, such as mini pretzels, stickers, chocolates and stationery. This activity is carried out to spread happiness during Easter.

The idea of hiding things in eggs gave rise to the term Easter Egg which refers to any hidden message or feature that can be unveiled after putting in a lot of time and conscious effort. Even though, this seems like a game, which ought to be liked and enjoyed by many, there have been times when people unexpectedly came across real-life Easter Eggs.

Read about some of the incidents shared by people on various platforms, when they were surprised by things that were put in their children`s Easter egg.

It`s a Roller Coaster!

Generally, walking on a road, and coming across a random, train-like painting is not likely to make any sense – until you have a look at it during a certain time of the day – when sunlight causes shadow of the curved road divider to perfectly depict tracks of a roller coaster, thus giving a meaning to the entire picture.

Artistic Sidewalk

If you think this is an aerial view of the houses in a locality, you are mistaken. This is actually a side walk painted on the top to look like roof-tops whereas the sides depict doors and windows of houses.

Though we are not sure about the purpose behind this painting, we must acknowledge the artist’s talent.

Some Smart Product Placement

How many of you are actually aware that there is a whole science behind the positioning and sequence of products on superstore shelves? The products that are more likely to catch customers` attention have a higher chance of being chosen, sometimes even impulsively.

However, this image takes creative product placement to a whole new level, by placing the milk boxes of a brand in such a way that cat heads are kept tilted, until the full visual of a cat emerges towards end of the row, making it seem like it was hiding initially, and has now come out (just like the things put in Easter Eggs which are initially invisible, but later found out).

Surprise Gift Voucher

It is common practice to open any box from the top. However, there are some people who tend to open a box upside down. This entry is about such people.

The PowerDeWise Amazon Store hid a 10% discount voucher which can only be found if a box is opened up side down.

The C of Cadburys

Who doesn`t like chocolate? And Cadbury….well that’s everyone`s favorite brand. But how many of you have ever looked carefully at the packaging of their product ROSES? Next time you buy a ROSES box, observe carefully to discover their trademark “C” hidden in the Rose flower – a befitting logo for this product of theirs.

Fun Fact: Since chocolates are popular amongst children, ROSES can actually be one of the things put in literal Easter Eggs to please kids, while the metaphorical one hidden in its packaging stuns elders.

Next time you enter a store, walk past random landmarks, or read usage instructions off a packaging, don`t forget to look out for a hidden message. Who knows you might come across an Easter Egg.

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