Things that haven’t been invented can turn into a reality one fine day

Have you ever fantasized about products that do not exist in real life? It is amusing how we sometimes wish to own things that haven’t been invented. Agreed, that coming up with such ideas might be a sign of creativity and over-intelligence, but many times they just pop in our minds because we feel a strong need for such innovation.

Below are some product designs that were once shared by people who looked forward to their development. Some turned into reality, others are being worked on, while many are still imaginary.

Personalized Coffee Machine

Whether you enter a bank, the office of a telecom service provider, or your own workplace, biometric verification in one form or the other has become a necessity.

Why is it then that the existence of a coffee machine that would produce customized drinks for every individual by recognizing their hand prints sounds unreal? After all, coffee is what makes the morning good and if accessing one’s preferred drink requires only a tap on the machine, there would be nothing like it.

You might be surprised to know that such a coffee machine has actually been invented and exists by the name of “Memory”. 

Rotatable bench

Imagine you are carrying heavy bags on your way back from grocery shopping, and are extremely tired. You are relieved at the sight of a vacant bench on the bus stop, but as you approach it to take a seat you are disappointed to see that it is wet. In such a situation, you would have only two options; either to sit down and ruin your clothes, or to remain standing.

Wouldn’t life be much easier if benches were rotatable? Rolling the seat to turn it to the opposite direction is all that would be required to solve the problem.

Even though such benches are not common, they are also not non-existent. City Monitor states that Rolling Benches have been turned into a reality by one South Korean designer.

Temporary highlighter

Amongst things that haven’t been invented yet, an eradicable highlighter is every student’s dream. Reason is that the availability of such a highlighter will fulfill the purpose of accentuating text while learning, but the books will be as good as new by the end of the academic year. This will allow students to sell or donate their textbooks, thus developing a habit of recycling from an early age.

The irony is that most students are unaware that such a highlighter has finally been launched by a company called Quirky, and is referred to as Fader.

Transparent hole punch

Every time we try to punch a hole in an important document, fate ensures that we do so at the wrong place. Consequently, we can’t help but curse the flawed design of hole punchers that are available for use.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a transparent hole punch that allows you to see where exactly the perforation will be made?

Drop catching mug

Every time you sip on tea or coffee, few droplets dribble from the top of your mug to the bottom and eventually get absorbed into your clothes. We can definitely relate to the irritation it causes.

A drop catching mug has therefore been on everyone’s wishlist, but most do not know that it has been invented by Kim Keun Ae, a designer from South Korea. In fact, it is also available for sale on the country’s local ecommerce website; YesStyle.

Microwave with a mute button

One of the most despised sounds in the world is the beeping noise that is emitted from a microwave oven.

Whereas it is true that when we are furious, we think that a microwave with a mute button has not been invented ever. However, new and modern versions luckily incorporate this feature. Examples include Toshiba EM131A5C-SS Microwave Oven and COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB Countertop Microwave. 


Things that haven’t been invented but people desire

Since all of the above were ideas or desires at one point or the other, let’s discuss a few suggestions people have shared over the internet that they think should be the next breakthrough in the world of innovations.

Universal Tupperware lids

How many plastic containers do you have lying around in the kitchen? We bet most of them have had their lids misplaced or broken and therefore, their usability has been limited.

The world still struggles to find a solution to this universal problem.

Universal internet

Imagine a world where we all would be connected by a universal internet connection. Though this seems impossible, so did digital transformation and the invention of aeroplanes.

Solution to getting your hand stuck in Pringles can while eating

On a lighter note, we still do not know the solution to avoid getting our hand stuck in the Pringles can every time we are munching on the savory snack. Whether it’s the unique shape of the container or our hasty, and somewhat greedy eating style that causes this to happen, we do not know.

A cure to Covid-19

Sadly, a definite cure to Covid-19 has not been found. We hope that this invention takes place sooner amongst all, because luxuries are only enjoyable if individuals are healthy.

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