10 Risky teenage trends parents should know about in 2021

Adolescence replaces parental power as it progresses through a child’s life. Teenagers struggle to establish a sense of self-worth in the adult world. To fit in, kids often ‘act out’ in the normal adolescent manner to create a sense of self-worth among their peers. This causes people to do risky acts. Teenagers are familiar with the sensation of invulnerability, the desire to impress their friends, and the excitement and pleasure. This has resulted in the development of many hazardousteenage trends parents should know about.

List of teenage trends parents should know about

Vodka Eyeballing

With underage drinking being a significant problem, parents of high school students are always concerned about what their children may be up to when they remain out late and violate curfews. Parents’ preventative efforts have proven ineffective in preventing adolescents from doing what they want, and one of these things is drinking.

This is one of the most trendy methods for teenagers to drink alcohol without leaving a strong aftertaste. It entails squirting vodka into the eyeballs. It is absorbed by the mucosal membrane and enters the circulation through veins near the eyes, giving the adolescent an immediate buzz. Consistent use of this technique may cause the cornea to burn or scar, and in severe instances, it makes you blind.  It is one of the most horrific teenage trends parents should know about.

Snorting the wrong thing

Are you still blushing from the ‘Condom Talk’ you previously had with your adolescent? Wait till you get to know what else teenagers are getting up to with condoms. An adolescent fad that started on YouTube is eliciting revulsion, but this is not enough to deter teenagers from participating. Teenagers snort it up to their nostrils and then spit it out. The objective is to do this without dying of choking.

Gallon Smashing

It is one of the newest YouTube-based pranks for teenagers. A video titled ‘Gallon Smash Prank’ has now racked up over 2 million views. The pranks include a youngster going into a busy area with jugs of juice or gallons of milk and then feigning a fall while tossing the items. While a buddy films the prank, all the milk, and juice spills over everyone around.

Teen shaming

Additionally, as a kind of cyberbullying, adolescent shaming on social media may become criminal. The bully changes photographs of other users. Occasionally created in a meme manner, these photographs are accompanied by obscene remarks. While adolescent shaming is often observed on social networking sites, privacy regulations and internet security make it unlawful to defame, harass, or adversely target someone in any manner.


With Snapchat, children can channel their inner Houdini. They may exchange images and movies, and what appeals to them is that the transmitted material vanishes after a few seconds. Many teenagers exchange sexually explicit films and images although minors are not permitted to do so.

Most teenagers would not do this if they knew their communications would not be erased from the face of the planet. The reality is that servers control the whole system and track each communication that is handled. Additionally, the FBI sifts through communications received by children for sexually explicit material.

Salt and Ice Challenge

Cold injuries are the most common kind of adolescent mishap reported frequently today. However, they are not typical injuries. Teens are indulging in the salt and ice game, which involves moistening the skin, sprinkling it with table salt, then pressing it down with ice. This process is repeated until the adolescent is unable to take it any longer.

The consequences of this seemingly innocuous pastime may be more detrimental than the teenagers expect. The injuries that occur are comparable to frostbite but considerably more severe.

Drinking Hand Sanitizer

Sadly, teens have been known to devise novel methods to get an immediate high from everyday home products such as mouthwash and cough medication. Another method is to consume hand sanitizer.

Hand sanitizers contain about 62 percent ethyl alcohol, and excessive use may need medical attention. A better alternative is to use a foam hand sanitizer to deter teenagers from succumbing to this kind of alcohol desire.

Cinnamon Challenge

Consuming a tablespoon of this innocuous spice, often used to improve the flavor of baked products, may not seem to be a risky endeavor, but as most teenagers have found, it is very exciting. Consuming a teaspoon of cinnamon without adding water may result in coughing, vomiting, choking, and, in the worst-case situation, pneumonia.

A famous YouTube video with over 2 million views shows a girl eating a tablespoon of cinnamon and then screaming and writhing in agony as the cinnamon becomes lodged in the throat. It is one of the stupidest teenage trends parents should know about.

Chubby Bunny Marshmallow game

It’s difficult to imagine that something as innocuous as a marshmallow has been responsible for a lot of fatalities over the last decade. Teens play the Chubby Bunny game by putting marshmallows into their mouths and then uttering the phrase ‘Chubby Bunny’. Due to the difficulty of coughing up marshmallows, many adolescents have died out of this stupid trend.


While planking may not seem to be as hazardous as it appears on paper, it has allegedly resulted in the death of adolescents. Planking entails an adolescent laying face down in a potentially hazardous location. The adolescent then balances on objects such as terrace railings. Beale, an Australian action artist, was the first to die of planking, followed by many more adolescents.

Do not dismiss these behaviours as normal adolescent behaviour. Protect your adolescent before serious harm occurs.

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