Hairstyling options for your dog: Teddy bear haircut and others

Just like there exists a jargon for any business, your hairstylists and those of your pet`s ought to have one too. While some pet hairstyles are not only popular but also easily understood by their name such as the “Teddy Bear Haircut” for dogs, others need to be explained in detail for the ease of a pet owner.

In this article, we will enlist some of the different type of haircuts for dogs, and how unfamiliarity with them can leave their owners in distress.

Simply Neaten

This cut just involves trimming the hair from a dog`s feet, underbelly, neck, and chest to give it a cleaner, and more presentable look.

Kennel cut

This is basically a one-length cut like the one shown in the picture below. It usually results in a shorter hair length. This style is ideal for a busy pet owner, as it requires low maintenance.

Teddy bear haircut

The Teddy Bear Haircut for dogs is one of the most popular choices of pet owners. It results in your already cute, furry friend looking even more adorable – just like a stuffed teddy bear. The hair around main body area, and the muzzle are cut, but that around face and legs remain full and round. Even though this haircut requires a certain level of maintenance, it is worth the effort, if your fur baby ends up looking cute.

Lamb haircut

Lamb Haircut is a bit similar to the Teddy Bear Hair Cut for it allows the dog to maintain more hair on the face and legs than rest of the body, but the length of hair is generally shorter than that maintained in the Teddy Bear Cut. It is an ideal style for summer months, but does require some maintenance.

There are websites like Good Dog Hotel & Spa and The Nest where you can learn about more hairstyles for pets and different types of haircuts for your dog.

Familiarity with these different hairstyles is very important, because there have been real incidents – where the haircut a dog received was so unexpected – that their owner thought they got back the wrong dog. We have found some of the pictures posted by the shocked dog owners. Have a look at these unwanted transformations below:

When they literally made the Dog bald

Haircut or Masquerade?

This poor creature looks more like a squirrel than a dog after the haircut.

A Dog or a Chicken?

We do not know what this dog looked like before the haircut, but we bet it looked way more like a dog than it does now!

The Bat-Dog!

This dog neither has a Teddy Bear Haircut which seems like what might have been the initial goal, nor does it fall under any other category of dog hairstyles. It is just a bad haircut that has left the dog with a bat-like appearance.

If you are planning to take your dog for a haircut, we suggest you research different dog haircuts in advance and opt for the one which might be most suitable for your fur baby.

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