Feeling not yourself? Here are a few sweet memes to lift your spirits up

Life happens! It’s an ugly truth we all have to embrace and make peace with. But this doesn’t mean that you stop living your life to the fullest. Sweet memes are a better way to chin-up sometimes, especially when you don’t feel like talking or listening to anyone. If you feel tired, upset, depressed, stressed out or if you are under the weather, these sweet memes will certainly brighten up your mood and will instantly bring good and positive vibes. Check out the following sweet memes to invigorate your mood.

Morning wishes

There are times when despite being angry with your friend, you can’t resist sending morning wishes. Sending morning wishes through this cute furry dog with big eyes will instantly make their heart wrenched.

If you can spot

A cute meme depicting a dog’s humor as if the owner is asking it to pose for the picture.

Believe in yourself

Sometimes life gets hard and we desperately want encouragement. The flying penguins meme shows that you can persist against all the odds.

Weird though!

A toddler seems surprised to know that people drink milk this way as well. It’s a new finding for the kid and can put a smile to your face.

Weekend is here

Who doesn’t love weekends, we all do. And when you have a cute pet waiting for you at home – then mundane weekends become happy ones. This sweet meme is for you – if you have a pet child waiting.

He loves playing with you

Yet another sweet dog meme. Holding a soft toy and telling you to keep throwing it until the world ends.

Have you ever prayed for Cheesus

Seems like the mouse can really feel the pain.

I don’t know what to do

Many times we go through tough times and want to hold onto things that actually are out of our control. If you are facing such a situation, send this meme to your friends and they will surely guide you.

It’s time to express love

An otter feeling of affection for you and your loved one.

Importance of human

It’s impossible to stop cats from bumping into things and then needing assistance every time.

I can’t trust it until it has a price

Poor SpongeBob offering free support and love but who cares for free emotions nowadays.

More power to you my friend 

When you can’t hide your feelings for your friend who has finally made it to his dreams.

Shooting in the dark 

When you don’t know where your life is heading but you go with the flow.

Family is everything

When you want to see your family happy, you can take every step to bring happiness to them.

Self-satisfaction is really important

Once you know your worth, nothing in the world can bring you down.

Humanity at its best 

As if the man would’ve told the girl anything about the fish, it wouldn’t hurt the girl but the man.

Dare to say

Speak what is right. It is better to get hurt now than later.

He never wished so

Many times we change our lives hoping for the best but regret it later and miss old-time and people.

Texas love for victims

A bunch of love is all you can gift someone who never had it. Yes, these kinds of people do exist in the real world too.

Grandma love

What a wonderful representation of love through a painting.

Sleeping in a flower

Sometimes you just need to cuddle the soft pillows and forget about the stress just like the mouse wrapped in a flower.

Reddit user

It’s okay if you are not getting thousands of upvotes, likes, and shares. If you are helping even a single person, it is enough.

The best of both worlds

Everyone has something to hold. Some hold grudges, some hold emotions and some don’t open up to everyone easily. But that’s fine. We all have different personalities.

What’s your pleasure?

Having pets is a different kind of pleasure that not everyone is obsessed with. If you have one and want to show off, try this sweet meme.

When you want your Mom to be on your side

Simply true. Each one of us has been through this part of life. Have you been too cute with puffy wet eyes when you want to ask something from your parents?

Hurry up!

When she needs you in her hard time.

Curly hair

Girls often look amazing with curls. But what if you only have a female cat to experiment with?


What if your dog loves spaghetti and doesn’t like to eat them through a fork or sticks?

Puppy in a giraffe

If you are sad, you need to see this.

Prop tip from a puppy

Can do anything to have more treats.

Caring neighbor

Don’t keep things under the sunlight if you have a caring neighbor, or if your neighbors have kids. In both cases, you will regret it.


This will certainly make you smile. Ever wished to have an ice cream from the ice cream?

Time changes

What would be your next reaction if something like this happens to you at Starbucks?

Pet love

Everything makes its own space in its comfort zone, you just have to accept the change.

Cutest thing on the internet

It’s lovely to have a little fella in a sweet little bed. The owner must have loved her new pet.

Fish Love

Saving a life is all you should do when it comes to you.

Cute little pup

When you forget to give love to someone on their departure, this sweet meme will definitely deliver your thoughts to the receiver.

As long as you love me

Either people or pets, everybody thirst for love and respect. The happiest thing in the world is neither the money nor the lavish life, it’s just to be with someone you love.

Chemistry lab

There was a time when everything had a reaction.

Good night

Now it’s time to go to bed and forget everything that you have gone through.

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