Why should you lookup for Monday: Some Monday motivation mantras for a happy day

Are you looking for something that can make you stay motivated all Monday?

Well, we are aware that each week you go through the same dilemma: Uninvited Monday blues! And you must have tried setting alarms again and again, yet still, lazy Monday shows up after every Sunday. So if you are just done with trying several ways to get Monday motivation(May it be from listening to music to trying meditation), then you need to read this fun session for sure.

So, what’s the solution to the Monday dilemma?

In case weekends are over and you want a bucket full of motivation, then we have an interesting funda that can help you out. Do you wanna know what that is? Well, we are talking about motivation quotes. They are just the right solution to your yawning Monday routines.

However, Monday blues indeed exist. Thanks to all the workload that comes in the form of procrastinated tasks and deadlines. But have you tried thinking of Monday as a terrific opportunity rather than an uninvited guest? Why don’t you try fulfilling your tasks rather than worrying about them? And you never know –Your task might get accomplished at times. Plus, you can have good mornings every time you take a sip of your coffee while reading one of our Monday motivation quotes too.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to get inspired from our today’s session about making your Mondays more energetic than before.

Kristin, Sophisticated Gal

After reading the above quote, you must be clear about what choice you want to make. So guys be wiser!

Jerry Spinelli

As Jerry Spinelli said: May it is Monday or any other day – Today is all that you got 


This one is a happy reminder for all the coffee lovers out there!

Rita Schiano

To people who love Sundays -you better stop treating Monday as an adopted child. After all, it’s a part of the weekday!

Art Rooney

After reading the word ‘payroll’ here, we are pretty sure most of you must have gotten a smile on your face.

Prince Rogers Nelson, Manic Monday

Yeah! We know that you are not ready to embrace Monday. But you have to keep-going pals!

Michael Ely

We hope that you are rooting for this opportunity.

David Dweck

You better not miss the new beginnings and that too for 52 times a year.


We are just praying for you to be a nice catcher!

Lisa Mantchev

Other than what Lisa Mantchev said – the truth is that after every Sunday, there is a Monday. So buck up!


Sadly, that isn’t a possibility!

Charles Dickens

If the sun can get enough courage to rise, then what is stopping you guys from ruling over the world?!

Leggy Saul

After reading this, it’s high time you make new rules.

Kimberly Jiménez

Have you ever tried being a rebel? If not, then go for it!

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

The quote writer is indeed giving us some positive tips for Mondays.

Tom Wilson

Probably, the writer had a bad memory of Mondays.

Amy Neftzeger

Let’s just accept that miracles don’t happen in today’s world. So be responsible for making your Mondays successful.

Did you figure out your favorite Monday quote?

Your best day can show up on any weekday. And it solely depends upon the efforts you put to make your day look better.

If the above-mentioned Monday quotes motivate you in any way, don’t hesitate in sharing them with your family members or friends as well.

Monday motivation

  • Mindset: Prepare your brain to look up to the brighter perspective with a can-do mentality
  • Opportunity: Be open to the challenges and adventures
  • Nourishment: Make sure you have a healthy food intake
  • Doable steps: Think only about the next steps rather than trying to get everything done
  • Authenticity: Just be yourself andbe genuine
  • Yay: Make the most out of your day and try to enjoy every little moment

What does the research have to say?

As per a study, if you initiate a new project and set a target on Monday, then the chances of its completion are higher. Because the level of motivation is greater when the period starts (such as New Year, Monday, and morning). Plus, research also states that on Monday you can make healthier food decisions.

Moreover, according to Psychological Science research, if we initiate on a Monday, we are more likely to fulfill our academic or professional targets.

Why is Monday great for setting new goals?

  • Getting enough amount of time

After every Monday, you have 5 more extra days, which not only helps you in organizing your plans but put them into action as well. So take a chill pill and relax because you will be having plenty of time to make them possible. But avoid procrastinating your work.

  • Effectively scheduling fun plans

We know that Mondays come along with loads of work, but trust us, they are the best time to set fun plans for the upcoming weekends. You can plan to watch a movie or a one-day trip with friends (whatever you love just line them up!).

Moreover, when you plan such activities, you are able to look up to something exciting the whole weekday, which automatically motivates you on the boring days too.

  • Best time for monitoring your goals

Particularly on Mondays, you get aware of all your duties and chores throughout the week. The goals that are required to be fulfilled and also the new aims that are needed to be aligned for the coming weekday get on the right track.

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