A collection of funny short stories with a twist

How many times have you been engrossed deeply in a captivating tale that was being narrated to you, only to be left disappointed or hysterical at the unexpected climax?

Here is a collection of funny short stories with a twist that we came across on the internet.

The talented imitator

Someone narrated a story about a girl in their camp who had a British accent. Upon visiting her home, the OP found that her parents spoke in a completely different accent and the girl herself had never been to Britain too.

Like us, you may also be wondering where her accent came from? Our guesses were:

  • She watched movies and TV shows from that country
  • She was adopted at a very young age and her birth parents had their roots in Britain
  • She was naturally gifted

However, the interesting truth her parents shared with the OP was that they consciously imitated the British accent when their daughter was about to be born, and maintained that communication style with her till she started speaking. Reason being that they wanted a child who could talk in British accent.

Why did the yoghurt have a unique taste?

A girl felt hungry and decided to grab a processed yoghurt cup for a quick snack. However, she felt the taste to be a bit awkward. The expiry date had also not exceeded.

What do you think could have been the possible reason?

We bet that amongst all the logical explanations you thought of, nowhere was the possibility that she accidentally picked up the wrong jar and had a spoonful of Nivea cream!

This has to be one of the most hilarious funny short stories with a twist.

Who takes a prescription that seriously?

At times it is difficult to deliver someone else’s story in our own words without losing the original appeal. Below is a screenshot of a funny short story, exactly as it was narrated by the individual who lived it:

This has to be undoubtedly one of the best reasons to take Retinol.

However, on a serious note extreme caution should be taken when writing or reading medical prescriptions. Physicians must not scribble unnecessarily on them whereas patients should verify the writing from multiple sources or the doctors themselves if they are unable to decode.

Consuming a wrong drug may turn out to be fatal.

The suspense is killing me!

Sometimes the way a story is narrated just adds to the suspense. This is especially the case when we are expecting an extremely sad and heart-breaking ending, but simultaneously hoping for a miracle to happen within the story.

It is often at these times that the climax changes the entire scenario into something humorous, thus classifying the account as a funny short story with a twist.

One such story we heard on the internet is shared below:

“4 days before our wedding…….”, says the narrator with a sigh.

“My bride broke…..”, he added in a deep, sad voice before taking a pause.

The sorrow of his tone, the wordings and the pauses- all made the listeners feel for the narrator and sympathize with him thinking his fiancé broke off the wedding at the last minute.

However, the twisted, hilarious closing line left a smile on everyone’s face when the story-teller completed the sentence:

“…. her left ring finger.”

This meant that the narrator’s fiancé didn`t call off the wedding rather broke or fractured her ring finger four days before their wedding. Though we understand her physical pain and emotional distress, we are kind of relieved that the story did not have the worst possible ending that we were led to imagine by the narration style.

Beware of the mobile snatchers!

Imagine you are walking on a street and two men appear out of the blue. They walk towards you and tell you to hand over your mobile phone to them quickly.

The first thought that would appear in your mind is similar to the one that appeared in the mind of the individual who faced the above-mentioned situation in real life. In view of being looted by mobile snatchers, he decided to punch them in the face. A horrible mistake.

The consequences were definitely not pleasant, because those guys were promoters of a self-defense program and asked for the mobile phone only to link people to their classes.

What was the point of sharing this picture?

Sometimes people share their life stories, capture the reader’s interest and then convey that the element which initiated the discussion had nothing to do with the entire story.

The above image with its caption is an example of one such funny short story with a twist. The image above shows a couple’s picture along with details of the Op’s ex-boyfriend. However, the abrupt ending of the caption mentioned that the picture wasn’t of the boyfriend being talked about in the entire story.

You may wonder why she posted that picture along with the caption if that was the case. This is often a prank played at readers by story-tellers.

There are many such stories with twisted endings that are shared on the internet on a daily basis. Since they are a good source of entertainment, we decided to share some of them with our readers.

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