Palm reading: Child line explained in detail

Whether you believe in fortune-telling or not, we have all visited a palmist, or plan to do so at least once. Purpose behind these visits may vary from a person’s belief in palmistry to checking if the palmist tells the truth or not, whereas some go to them just for the sake of fun.

Amongst people who want to know about the difficulties as well as the good things coming their way in advance, are those parents who eagerly want to know the results of palm reading about their child.

The immense amount of love parents have for their children is no secret. Therefore, many couples longing for a child visit palmists to find out when and how many children they will have. Some even go to the extent of asking about the destiny of those children.

In this article we will discuss some basics of palm reading that help you identify key information with respect to your child.

Did you know there is a particular line in your palm that is referred to as the ‘Children Line’ in palmistry?

The children line in palmistry

The vertical lines below the smallest finger of your palm are actually the ones that disclose information about children. However, these children lines may be present slightly to the right or left, thus falling somewhere in between the ring finger and your smallest finger.

The image above will help you understand this better and may also help you locate the child-related palm reading line on your hand. It is said that the depth of these lines represent the gender of your baby, and their visibility indicates the health. If these lines are deeper, it is predicted that your child-to-be-born will be a boy, if not, you will be blessed with a baby girl. Child lines that are more easily visible denote that you will have a healthy baby whereas reduced visibility is claimed to show concerns about their health.

The number of these lines is used to predict the number of your children. According to experts they should always be counted in a certain direction, i.e. from outwards to inwards as it gives a correct calculation.

If one of your child lines has a fork-like top (such as the second and third lines in the picture of a palm above), it indicates that you will be having twins.

If you find these palmistry guidelines interesting, you will be even more fascinated to know that the number and details represented by these children lines in palm reading not only provide information about your biological children but also include details about those you adopt or foster.

Isn’t it interesting to know that these tiny human beings who – you long for – have their entire destiny summarized in just a few lines of your palm?

Furthermore, palmistry also includes information about any angel babies. Lines indicating them may either be light and difficult to detect like those of children with health problems, or they might be broken or disrupted.

Considering that the shape of a human body is vertical like the image shown below, it is understandable why the child lines are vertical.

Now imagine that there are spots or disruptions in the vertical lines. They signify around which part of the body your child’s health problems will be targeted e.g., legs, facial area etc.

Sadly, studying these lines may also break your heart by revealing bitter information like your inability to conceive. For example, if these lines are blurry and the skin around them has withered off or cracked, it means you won’t be able to give birth to a child, either by nature`s will, or because you have crossed the suitable age.

They can also expose you to your partner if you don’t want to have children. If this is the case, we would advise you not to go to a palmist together.

The truth of child lines in palm-reading

If you are worried because you found your child line to be opposite of what you wish for, and are wondering if there is any way your fate can be altered, you will be pleased to know that like all other lines in your palm, child lines also change with time.

Therefore, we highly doubt if there is truth behind these explanations. However, everyone is allowed to have their own opinion.

If you are someone who believes in palmistry, we would advise you visit a professional palmist, instead of solely relying on the information available online.

We have shared them just for the sake of awareness so you can make a more informed decision with respect to your children.

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