9 photos that were taken seconds before the death chilling

It’s in human nature not to appreciate the value of things, even life. But, one should realize that time doesn’t wait for anyone to understand the value of things and life. The following photos taken seconds before death chilling will remind everyone to take a minute to think about the valuable existence of their loved ones. And then tell them their importance in their lives before the time runs out.

Killed by a bull

This picture shows the moment of pain getting felt by the Spanish Bullfighter Victor Barrio, hit by a bull’s horn during a bullfight. He was only 29 when he got killed by the bully who is shown in the picture. The bull was called Lorenzo.

13 hours before the volcano blast

The first person to report the eruption of Mount St Helens back in the year 1980 was the volcanologist, David Johnson. He was just 31 years old at that time. He was at a distance of 6 miles from the volcano after he reported the eruption when he was killed. Despite being pretty far from the volcano, it somehow managed to find and kill him.

Panama Trip

Two Dutch tourists were to visit Panama and had planned to do hiking in the jungle. They were supposed to act upon this plan with a tour guide, but due to some reason, both of them decided to do it alone. They had to depart a day early. But unfortunately, they did not come back from hiking ever again. Their belongings were found after many weeks. The stuff included; a backpack that had their clothes, two cell phones, one passport, and a camcorder. Nobody could get to know what had happened to those girls.

Girl strangled her friend

This selfie was uploaded by 2 friends on Facebook. Later the night they had posted this photo, the girl standing on the left side named Antoine, strangled her friend with the same belt worn by her in the photo. After the incident, Antoine’s friend’s body was found beside the same belt. When investigated, the girl said that she doesn’t remember herself doing such a cruel act to her friend. But, there was a fact that they were heavily drunk that night. Antoine pleaded that she was guilty of manslaughter. It was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Two news helicopters collided

This picture is taken a moment before 2 helicopters collided in Phoenix Arizona. Both of them were news helicopters. As they fell, they were along with all the present people on the board at that time. Both of the helicopters were covering a chase at a high speed when they got stuck and slammed into a field. This incident happened in July of 2007.

As she saw her future murderer

This picture was taken by a serial killer named Robert Ben Rhoades who is recognized as the Truck Stop Killer, who captured this photo of his victim; just a few seconds before murdering her. The girl’s name was Regina Kay Walters and was a 14-year-old teenager. She belonged to Illinois. There is a report that the serial killer had raped and then murdered 50 women before getting caught. This killer had kidnapped Regina with her boyfriend named Ricky Lee Jones. He killed Jones just at the moment but kept Regina for many weeks. After keeping her for several weeks with him, he killed her in a barn which was abandoned.

A picture of Buddy Holly, Richardson, and Ritchie Valens before their death

This picture was taken just before the death of the musicians “Buddy Holly, Richardson, and Ritchie”. They had planned a tour and were traveling together for the same purpose. The weather was bad at that time, so the plane hit it and fell. All the musicians along with the pilot got killed in this accident. This incident has been named “The Day the Music Died”.

Last day of his life

The daughter of this man captured so many pictures of him while he was fighting cancer. This photo was taken a few weeks before his death.

Cherise Perrywinkle walks with her murderer

A woman named Cherise Perrywinkle was shopping in Dollar General. She was accompanied by her family when a guy approached her. His name was Donald James Smith came to them and offered to buy them clothes. The woman along with her family followed the man to the Walmart. After that, he offered Cherise to take her to McDonald’s. Then he took permission from her to buy her a hamburger. But instead of getting her the hamburger, he kidnapped and killed her.

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