7 Ridiculous products you won’t believe actually exist

At times, it’s mind-boggling what individuals will spend their money on. From self-adhesive stickers that purport to “realign your physique” to the electric nose shaper and anything that lies in between. Well, both of those ridiculous products exist in real life, and yes, they have been bought!

I’d like to believe that the onslaught of absurd goods is a result of the abundance of commodities available for purchase online, but many of these ridiculous products were there in infomercial form prior to making their way to the internet! Consider some of the most bizarre products that exist.

Body vibes stickers

If you’re unfamiliar with Gwyneth Paltrow’s business, Goop, you will certainly be in a state of shock. This business produces absurd goods nearly as quickly as they can be debunked by the scientific and medical communities. “Body Vibes Stickers” are one of the many ridiculous products that come with outlandish promises.

While these stickers may seem to be standard stickers with vaguely mystical hipster symbols, Goop says that each sticker is really a vibrating energy disc that links to the body’s electromagnetic energy. Additionally, Goop says that wearing these stickers may aid in the treatment of a variety of illnesses, ranging from sleeplessness to anxiety. Perhaps this explains why a pack of ten stickers costs 60 dollars!

Perhaps the most incredible claim made about these stickers is that the stickers are made of the same conductive substance used to line NASA spacesuits. Unsurprisingly, NASA said that such stuff does not exist. Medical experts and scientists have also spoken out against the erroneous nature of these assertions.

Long reach comfort wipe

Here’s a gem of an old-fashioned infomercial. The Comfort Wipe with a Long Reach. I believe the infomercial’s opening line needs to be written in gold: “For over a century, we’ve been folding and scrunching toilet paper.” Finally, there is a more efficient method! “

And what, precisely, is that superior method? To twist toilet paper onto the end of the Comfort Wipe stick and use it to clean up after bathroom visits. Obviously, To be fair, this device is promoted to elderly people as a means of maintaining dignity when toileting. It claims that it may increase the reach by up to eighteen inches.

When trying, however, you’re forced to pack a lot of toilet paper at the end of the hilarious Comfort Wipe, and it’s more probable to fall out rather than reaching its intended goal. A tremendous swing and a miss! Want to try it?

Scream Jar

Why would anybody want to scream into the abyss when they could scream into a scream jar? To begin with, shouting into the abyss is completely free. This Jar is intended to reduce a scream to a whisper. I’m not sure about you, but I’m having trouble recalling the last time I shouted. This device seems to be designed for individuals who are always enraged and just need to scream and let it all out.

While it is an odd concept, I suppose it might be beneficial for people who have difficulty managing their rage. Although I believe a better option would be to enroll in some courses and seek necessary treatment. That is a moot issue, though, given the Scream Jar’s failure to function. That is correct. This product has been tried many times and barely conceals the scream!

Electric nose shaper

I just… I am unable to do so with this one. With one glance at this gadget, I can already tell I’m going to injure myself and need surgery to repair the mess I’ve made.

What makes this even more remarkable is that it is promoted as a non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty. That is correct. This $14 gadget that you plug into your nose for three minutes while it vibrates is allegedly a less intrusive but nonetheless effective method of shaping your nose. One feels sorry for anybody who purchased this in the mistaken belief that they would get the same outcomes as a $5,000+ operation.

Contact lens jewelry

What? What about contact lens jewelry? Yes, it seems to be so. To be clear, I like beautiful earrings and even had a nose piercing that I adored. However, diamond-encrusted contact lenses?

These contact lenses were introduced on the market in 2008 by Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek. Eric said in an online video, “A contact lens becomes jewelry in the same way that eyeglasses become a symbol of our personality.” Our fear of imperfection compels us to alter our surroundings and ourselves, aiming for near-perfection. Being someone we might be rather than someone we should be. “

I’m not sure I understood his reasoning exactly, but then, I’d never purchased this stuff. I am well aware that I am not the intended audience, and I am perfectly OK with it!

Hairy stockings

Surely, there might be many reasons for purchasing hairy stockings. However, there is only one purpose for their invention. To deflect unwelcome attention. These stockings were designed to make your legs seem very hairy and ugly. They are referred to as “Anti-Pervert Stockings” in the literal sense.

Furthermore, these hairy stockings may be utilized by individuals seeking a more natural appearance. Want to defy trends and embrace your true self? With these tights, you can acclimate to your natural legs and make it seem as if you’ve never shaved… ever. It makes no difference what the purpose is; these stockings may be jewelry the wearer desires. Is this the start of a new feminist trend? or is it some kind of anti-perv accessory? Is it specifically designed for men who feel the urge to grow their hair out? In my view, all of the above. You can wear hairy legs if you desire them!

Measuring tape belt

Who doesn’t want to be aware of their waist measurements? True… this is heartbreaking. Nonetheless, it is the ideal dieting tool. This Ecal tape measure belt is indispensable. No longer will you be able to dispute that your waist size is increasing. The tape belt will stare you in the face throughout the day. However, if you’re dieting, this belt is an excellent incentive! Although we can see dieters raising their trousers to the narrowest portion of their waist for pretty obvious reasons.

Look! I began this month in a size 40 and am now down to a size 38! No, I did not just raise the belt. I just wanted to wear a dress with a central belt. It’s about the same location as previously. In any case, this will seem rather unobtrusive unless individuals decide to put it on their breasts or hips.

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