Responses for when someone doesn’t text back – nobody will mess with you after that!

We all have some friends that don’t text back fast, and some even forget to reply. If you have experienced the same thing, you must know how pathetic it feels to not reply.

Such people make you question yourself and your self-worth that why did you even message them in the first place. The second thing that comes right after that is, what on earth are they doing that they couldn’t even reply to you? To make you feel better in such miserable times, we have come up with some responses for when someone doesn’t text back. They might not get you a reply but will make the other person embarrassed for sure.


  • Do not try it with your teachers or anyone other than your friends.
  • If someone feels offended, tell them it was a joke
  • Don’t go too far and cross your limits.
  • If you don’t get the response even after that, don’t kill that person

Now that you are fully prepared, scroll down and head towards the smart responses for when someone doesn’t text back.

13 – Outstanding Responses

We understand how it feels when someone doesn’t reply back. Thereby we have formulated some brilliant responses for such people. Check them out below!

Did you get too excited? Because I think you have fainted

You (enthusiastically): Darling, I miss you, let’s catch up soon!

You (Sarcastically): oh, I think you fainted from the excitement of getting a text from me. I can totally understand. Text back when you get well. 🙁

Let’s hope he texts back after waking up. Or else someone is going to lose a friend today.

Don’t reply too fast; I can’t keep up

You: Hello

You: Omg, you are replying too fast. Please slow down. I’m unable to keep up with the conversation.

We think sarcasm is the best way to break the ice. It saves you from getting stuck in an awkward situation. In this case, we believe this message will embarrass the other person for sure.

Maybe I’m getting a detailed reply

You: Heyyy!

You: I hope you are writing a big paragraph for me.

The poor person still thinks optimistically as he/she is hoping to get a detailed reply.

People die when you reply late

You: Should I get pizza?

You (sarcastically): Hey John, a psycho killer has chopped my arm off.

John: Okay, sorry to hear that. I will save you

You: How? I’m already bleeding to death.

You: You, see? That’s what happens when someone takes years to text back.

Sometimes you have to create fake emergencies just to get a reply. Frankly, here we think John doesn’t care much about his/her friend.

I love your cute little habit of not replying

You (After sending hundreds of messages): I love your cute little habit of not replying for hours. Ugh, so adorable!

Personally, we love this one. It is a perfect response unless the other person takes it seriously and doesn’t reply thinking they are looking cute.

It Seems like someone doesn’t need a reply

You: Hello

You: Howdy

You: How are you doing?

You: I’m good! Thanks for asking.

You: Have you done the math assignment?

You: Great! Me neither!

There can be two ways to get a response: you either stay silent to make them feel guilty or bombard them with your self-talk.

I thought your thumbs had fallen off?

 You: Hahahaha!

Other people: What?

You: Oh! You replied. I thought your thumbs had fallen off because you were not replying.

It is the best response for when someone doesn’t text back after seeing your messages.

None of my business

You: Hey! Are you down for a get-together?

You: Oh, I see! You have time to tweet and check Facebook, but you don’t have time to reply.

You: Well, that’s none of my business.

This could be a perfect message if you know that the other person is doing everything except replying to you.

It took you two hours to say Hi?

You: Hey!

He (After two hours): Hi.

You: It took you two hours to say hi? I don’t want to talk to you. You would take hours to end a conversation.

This message will make the other person question his chatting skills. Who knows, maybe you will start getting fast responses after that message.

I think you died

You: Hey!

You: Don’t you hate it when someone doesn’t text back when you spend an entire day messaging them. After a while, It started to feel like the other person had died of the excitement of getting a message from you.

You: I think you are dead already.

After this message, If the other person had even the smallest of shame, he will text back.

When you know why you weren’t getting a reply

You: Hey!

You: I called you. Why didn’t you return my calls and reply to my texts?

He: Sorry! I had a hectic day at work. Will talk to you soon!

You: Liar! I saw Jen’s story when you were at the coffee house. She tagged you on her Instagram. Poor guy! He must be thinking of leaving this universe.

Are we breaking up?

You: Hello!

You (Seriously): What is going on?

You (Sarcastically): Are we breaking up?

 We bet, after this message, you will get a reply within a few seconds. Try it out if you are dating.

I sent that two years ago

You: Hey!

He (After two days): Hey, how are you? Sorry I was busy.

You (Sarcastically): I sent that message two years ago.

After reading your response, he will scroll up to check the date of your message for sure.

These were some funny text ideas that you can use on your friends when they don’t text you back. They are just for fun. Don’t take it personally when your friends don’t reply. Most of the time, people don’t reply because they have a lot of things on their plate at that time. But, these small sarcastic texts will remind them to respond to you.

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