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Every year, the fashion industry takes the game to another level and creates tremendous trends for us to remember the year by.

2020 was the year that people realized just how much waste and pollution the fashion industry contributes to. That’s when ‘upcycling’ became the latest trend.

FYI, the fashion industry is responsible for almost 4% of the world’s waste every year. If that’s not enough reason to change our styling habits, what will? 

It’s time to start refashioning old clothes, and become more conscious beings. But how do we still look like fashion icons while refashioning old clothes? Let’s find out..

Refashioning old clothes like a fashion idol

Glam up an old plain t-shirt

Wait! Before you throw out your old t-shirt, hold on a moment. We’ve got the coolest hack to transform it. Trust us, when you walk out wearing it, you’re going to turn some heads around.

Tie dye took 2020 by the storm, but did you know it’s super easy to do it in your own kitchen?

Things you’ll need for a DIY tie dye project to upgrade your old shirt:

  • The old t-shirt that you were just about the discard
  • Dying colors
  • Turmeric powder
  • Salt
  • A pan
  • Some rubber bands
  • Vinegar
  • Old water bottles
  • Ziplock bags
  • Gloves

First, soak your shirt so it’s wet. Mix a cup of salt with water and vinegar. Soak for around 60 minutes or so.

Now comes the main part. Decide the design you want on your shirt, and use a rubber band to tie your shirt. Throw in the dyes and keep it in a zip lock bag.

Once it’s dry, it’s time to flaunt your new look.

Things can get a bit messy, but hey at least you get to transform your old boring t-shirt into something unique.

Dad’s button down turned into a dress for kids

Every house has that huge collection of old dad shirts that he doesn’t wear anymore. They’re just rotting away in the storage, so why not turn it into something you’d actually want to wear?

Believe it or not, your dad’s old office shirts can become amazing dresses for your children with a little bit of effort.

What you’ll need is a sewing machine to join the ends and trim the shirt to make it fit. No one’s going to recognize the dresses are made out of old grandpa shirts.

Feeling extra creative? A little bit of fitting can make the shirt fit you perfectly too. Glam it up with the help of a few frills or unique net sleeves.

Grandma’s old dresses

All the coolest kids on the block are into vintage clothes these days. That’s your queue to get your grandma’s old dresses and bring them out in the world once again.

Got old grandma jeans? Perfect. You can use a box cutter to give it a ripped look.

Boring old dresses? Use the fabric to make cute pony ties and headbands. Or trim the dress according to your measurements and size.

Since crop tops are popular these days, cut out the body of the dress and sew the hem. Use the bottom part as a skirt. There you go, easiest upcycling hack ever!

Refashioning old skirts

Got lots of old skirts? Don’t just throw them away, you can refashion them in two ways:

Make bags out of skirts

Skirts turned into bags. Don’t see how this can happen? Well, let us tell you it’s super easy to do.

All you’ll need is some fabric for the handle once you sew the ends of the skirt’s hems. This can come from any old clothes you were about to throw out. That’s it, say hello to your new shopping tote bag.

Long skirts can be turned into dresses

If you used to be into long skirts, you can easily transform them into cute dresses. They’re perfect for the summer especially if you’ve got flowy, floral skirts.

Touch ups

If you don’t want to rip apart your old dress, you can just make it fancier by putting in some beads, embroidery or lace work.

You can try tie-dying it too and transforming the entire dress without having to cut it out and alter it too much.

So, following one of these tips, we’re sure you can turn your preloved items into something admirable for future use. Help save the planet earth by making conscious fashion choices.

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