Unusual pictures of people selling mirrors

We have seen many promotional messages and product advertisements involving creative photography. Sometimes these messages directly focus on communicating the benefits and features of the product being sold. Sometimes, the marketers adopt a more indirect approach that involves gaining attention via unique content and generating word of mouth.

However, there are times when a layman like you and me needs to sell off something that still holds value, but is no longer required by us. Widespread use of e-commerce platforms and social media pages dedicated to buying and selling have made the process easier. One problem associated with easy access to such platforms is that anyone can post anything without any scrutiny. It is because of this reason that sometimes, in their attempts to stand out, people post product pictures that are hilarious.

Below are some funny pictures of people selling mirrors. Have a look at them and be amused.

I’m invisible

Maybe this person could not think of any other way to click the mirror’s picture except taking a selfie in front of it. However, in order to keep his/her identity hidden, s/he has chosen a unique method.

The sheet of clothing makes him/her look like a ghost straight out of a horror movie. Consequently, it gives the picture an eerie feel and we don’t think many would consider buying the mirror.

Nice haircut

It seems as if people selling mirrors have a hard time clicking pictures without appearing in them. The photographer in the above image seems to be having a hard time setting a camera angle. However, what grabs our attention is his unique hairstyle.

We won’t lie by saying that we weren’t curious to find out the complete look of his hair.

It’s worth the risk

This seller seems to have learned his lesson from pictures of other people who tried to market their mirrors but ended up becoming a laughing stock. S/he tried to remain invisible by hiding behind an obstruction and only popped out his arm to click a snap.

Chilling in style

When you know your product is good enough, you don’t need to make any extra effort to market it. Maybe this is the approach followed by the person in this picture. It seems like he just took a picture for the sake of it, while having other priorities alongside. It may also be the case that he wanted to appear different just to appear “cool.”

What’s for sale?

At first glance this image may confuse people making them wonder whether the dog or the mirror is up for sale. It is only upon reading the caption below that the message becomes clear.

Even though the picture may not make sense with respect to its original purpose, it is heart-warming to see that the owner is not willing to leave his pet alone even for a minute.

You’ll need 3 more of them

The hilarious way this mirror is positioned makes one ask for three more similar mirrors to be able to see the entire body of the person who’s feet are the only thing being reflected.

Even though the photograph completely and perfectly represents the mirror with golden frames but the reflection in it kind of diverts our attention.

Unique photography skills

This picture depicts a person holding the cell phone with his foot rather than with his hand in an attempt to click a picture of the mirror s/he is trying to sell.

To be honest, the mirror gets ignored in view of the unusual photography skills of the person. Therefore, if the actual purpose was to sell the mirror, we would say that this approach is not effective. However, if the intention was to go viral, then the OP has been successful.

The perfect presentation

If you are looking for a perfect picture that meets all the marketing criteria, represents the product favorably and in an aesthetically pleasing manner, then this is the best example of a click that will actually sell the product.

Not only does the perfect lighting and product placement highlight the color and finish of the borders but the view of the sky makes the mirror look more attractive.

Hide and Seek

This picture is totally hilarious. It seems as if the person was either too afraid to be a part of the photograph, or extremely superstitious. The way s/he is hiding behind the door gives the impression that s/he is secretly trying to click a shot of the mirror “without its permission.”

There are many other unusual pictures of people selling mirrors on the internet. It seems as if uploading weird or hilarious pictures with a mirror is an on-going fad. Whether such posts are actually aiming at selling the product or just a means to gain attention, we hope you enjoyed having a look at them.

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