The intricate art of delectable ornamental cookies

Ornamental cookies are way too pretty to be consumed. It’s almost a sin to eat such beautiful delicacies when they are such a treat to the eyes. But the truth is, ornamental cookies are edible and they are as tasty and delicious as they appear.

 Ornamental cookies are a unique platform for the artists to display their talent; as the work requires detailed attention and it’s gone within seconds, gulped down in someone’s belly to satiate their desire of eating the intricate-looking cookies.

Amber Spiegel is a renowned pastry chef in New York who is a maestro when it comes to ornamental cookies. She churns out the prettiest looking cooking in the world; which are edible yet so elegant that anyone would hesitate before having them.

In a recent interview; Amber Spiegel stated that it takes about 45 minutes to decorate each cookie according to the theme. Amber usually works on custom-based orders as her audience is only growing but she also produces mass cookies for special occasions such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Spiegel started her illustrious journey back in 2012 when she posted her first video on YouTube regarding cookie- decoration. She hasn’t looked back ever since; she is a published author now and a designated cookie artist who designs cookie cutters for the baking brand, Ann Clark.

Let’s have a look at some of the delicacies produced by the artist and drool over them:

These pretty cookies with snowmen and Christmas trees and stockings are ideal to set the mood for Christmas festivities. They are simply adorable and are pretty enough to become the highlight of the Christmas delicacies.

Did someone say love is in the air? It is love on the cookies, to be honest. Look at the colors and the intricate design; making you fall in love – Yet again!!!

 Amber seems like a magician when it comes to ornamental cookies. The finesse in her hands is unreal. She creates such innovative designs that they look like decoration items.

Are you ready for the Fall season? Even if fall season hasn’t arrived at your end, these beauties will make you believe that fall is just around the corner!! Just check out the details and the beautiful colors of fall depicted so precisely on the cookies that you will fall in love with the burnt red-orange shade of the fallen leaves.

Roses blooming on cookies!!! This is the first thought that comes to mind when you take a glance at these pretty ornamental cookies. It must be a struggle for a person to eat these pretty cookies as they look beautiful beyond measure.

Straight out of an art gallery!!

The best part about Amber Spiegel’s ornamental cookies is; that they set the tone for any occasion. It takes a lot of time to brainstorm a theme before producing these masterpieces which are one of a kind.

Here are some freshly baked vintage ornamental cookies for you to drool and desire to have! The colors are so eloquent that they make it almost impossible to be devoured! It is beyond a human mind to understand how she creates every design with the same finesse, beauty, and attention.

People want to save these ornamental cookies, to have ample amount of time on their hands to admire the beauty and ornamental cookies can last as long as 4 weeks; if kept carefully in an airtight container stored in a dry, cool place. They should be layered with pieces of parchment papers so that the freshness of the cookie dough remains intact.

Express your love with ornamental cookies! Present these delicate cookies while proposing to your loved ones so that they don’t stand a chance to refuse! The delicious cookies will assist your proposal and it is near to impossible to refuse such beautiful artwork along with your love!

WOW!! These won’t last long in the kitchen! The beautiful rustic gold amalgamated with a tinge of tea-pink shade, such an illustrious color combination is hard to find and gobbled up within mere seconds; to top it off with the decorative design on it.

Each design is unique in its special way and makes it harder to select a favorite one. The artist makes sure that her designed ornamental cookies stand out in the crowd and she maintains her signature style. Amber Spiegel gives out free tutorials on her YouTube channel and has been recognized by Forbes for being a digital influencer.

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