Hercules Zeus without a beard: Check out new avatars for Disney characters

Have you ever imagined Hercules Zeus without a beard? How would he look? Would he really look like the great Greek god sporting his masculinity? The curly locks with a wide bare chest and a long beard. It’s a look that has been associated with Hercules since time immemorial.

Recently, an animation expert turned imagination into reality by using image editing software to remove beards from some of the most famous Disney hunks. The results are beyond imagination. It is so hard to resist seeing these images.

Let’s have a look at some of these dudes who are known to be the epitome of masculinity.

Hercules Zeus

To be honest, Hercules Zeus without beard does look creepy to the core. We are so used to associating him with a white beard, it is hard to digest him this way. He doesn’t look manly at all.

Sultan from Aladdin

Who is this man underneath the turban? Is this really Sultan from Aladdin? He is unrecognizable without the beard. Don’t you think so?

King Triton from The Little Mermaid

Whoa! King Triton is one of our all-time favorite characters in Walt Disney movies. If we happen to find him somewhere without the beard, we’ll surely pass by. We can see him as beardless King Triton. He doesn’t look like the mighty king of the ocean without his beard.

Merlin the Magician from The Sword in The Stone

Is that really Merlin? Who would have trusted him to be the world’s greatest wizard of all time? He looks like a rookie magician without a beard. Nobody would’ve trusted him and would’ve made fun of the powers he possessed. His character just doesn’t go well without a beard.

Thank God! Disney animators created this character with a long beard, otherwise he wouldn’t have been this popular across the globe.

King Kashekim Nedakh from Atlantis: The Lost Empire

One Disney character that we have despised all our life. Whether with a beard or without a beard, doesn’t make any difference at all to be honest. Let’s hear your opinion about King Kashekim without a beard. He was the one who destroyed Atlantis due to his sheer arrogance. Loved the movie but despised him to the core.

Scar from The Lion King

Scar taught the earliest lesson of betrayal. Who can forget the death of Mufasa, and the howling of little Simba? This image of Scar brought back such fond memories of childhood. Yet, Scar is equally despicable with or without a beard.

The Emperor from Mulan

The Emperor in Mulan is supposed to be the wisest man of the nation. He doesn’t look wise without the beard. The long beard adds a unique persona to his character who was the center of attention in the movie.

The animator also experimented with some of the famous heroes of Walt Disney movies and added a beard on their clean-shaven faces. An ode to editing. The results are surreal and unbelievable. Let’s have a look at them as well.

Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

Prince Phillip looks better without a beard. The clean-shaven Prince fell in love with Princess Aurora at the first sight and the feelings were reciprocated. We doubt this would be the case if Prince Phillip had this long beard in the movie.

Gaston from Beauty and The Beast

Gaston is the most detested character in Walt Disney movies. His arrogance, self-centeredness was despised by everyone who watched the movie. Gaston with or without a beard, doesn’t look good. A man like Gaston who has a charisma attached to him yet he can’t lure a girl is somebody, who will never make a lasting impression.

Aladdin from Aladdin

We all like the way Aladdin took Jasmine’s hand and gave her a carpet ride while singing “A whole new world”. So glad he didn’t sport a beard in the movie. It would have been so un-relatable. Just imagine, who would’ve trusted Aladdin with this weird bearded look?

We all have grown up watching the Walt Disney movies. We love the characters just the way they are. If today Cinderella is edited wearing jeans and a top, we would not be able to relate with her. Therefore, Hercules Zeus without beard or Aladdin with beard, both are unacceptable by Disney movie buffs.

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