How nerds celebrate Valentine’s Day: Non-traditional greeting card designs

Whether you are an introvert, an overly intellectual person, or simply someone with a unique taste, it is perfectly okay to dislike cheesy, lovey-dovey messages. Contrary to the general perception, your love for your partner does not have to be communicated in a certain way. Those looking for alternate ways of expressing their feelings will be amused to find interesting ideas for what might be considered “Nerd- Valentine’s Day cards.” Although many may find them geeky, you do not need to care about what they think if you know your significant other will get the reference, and enjoy the pun.

If Chemistry class was where you first met your girlfriend, or the subject is a common interest that you both bonded over, a periodic table-themed Valentine’s Day card would be perfect to reminisce the beginning of your love story.

It would also be more customized as only the two partners will be able to relate to the background events, thus making it a special mode of communication.

The written message stating “I think of you periodically” would serve the dual purpose of defining the image and conveying that one often thinks about their partner.

If you are a mathematics nerd, Valentine’s Day cards that are wordy might be a challenge for you to recreate. It is understandable because those who are used to expressing everything in numbers find it difficult to write long messages, no matter how intense their feelings might be.

Nonetheless, preceding the representation of “I love you”, with mathematical inequalities is somewhat cute, but it would take a genius to decode the message.

If your partner is a software engineer or a geek in general, the text represented in the image above might serve as a pun intended.

Just like developers talk about programming languages, this message takes a witty approach to communicate that the person has no choice but to be attracted to their significant other because s/he is naturally “programmed” to like them.

Just like text messages, browser history is something that everyone wants to keep private. We may not want others to know about our guilty pleasures, online shopping, work details or find out about topics we are so ignorant about that we had to run a Google search to explore the meaning of.

The only people we won’t mind viewing our browser history are those we are extremely close to. Hence, telling someone they fall in that category is a subtle expression of the fact that they hold a special place in our life.

Some people have a habit of repeatedly requesting their significant other to say something special about them, or describe them in a certain number of words, or express how they feel about them.

This card seems to be perfect for such self-obsessed individuals. The creator has incorporated a mention of the modern-day technological advancements that we can’t imagine surviving without, to express how important the recipient of this message is to him/her.

Rather than using seductive images, this Valentine’s Day card keeps the message subtle yet effective by depicting the symbol of the “power” button which turns on electronic devices to communicate that the recipient excites the person presenting the card to them.

Ever heard about cells- the building blocks of life? If that is how integral someone’s presence in your life is but you want to communicate that in a less cheesy and obvious manner, using a card like the one shown above might be a good idea.

The text alone is enough to melt away the heart of that special someone. If you want to ask someone out for the upcoming prom night but can’t gather enough courage, how about using this witty and indirect approach?

Chemistry refers to the coordination and understanding between two people. Although it is essential for any successful relationship, it forms the very basis of a romantic partnership.

Thus, by using images of apparatus from the Chemistry lab, the creative mind behind this card makes use of the dual meaning of the word.

If this is not a nerd’s Valentine’s Day card, we don’t know what would be.

It is usually a challenge for introverts to find an appropriate company. One of the reasons for this might be that they have a very limited social circle. Therefore, coming across the love of their life is an even greater milestone for those with such a personality.

One common interest which might attract them towards someone is the preference to stay home rather than going out when given a choice.

If a die-hard gaming fan is proposed with a card like this, we doubt s/he would be able to say “No”.

After all, finding a partner with whom you share a common hobby significantly increases the chances of a future that is full of fun, laughter, and happiness.

If there is one possession that no one can survive without in this day and age, it is the cell phone. Whether we are heading out or staying at home, our mobile phone is our means to stay informed about the latest happenings, communicate with friends and family, check emails, and much more. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that this gadget is everyone’s first love.

Telling someone they hold a more significant place in your life than your phone is something that can be expected from a workaholic who is glued to their phone throughout the day. If the recipient of the message is equally nerdy, they would find it romantic, otherwise, the initiator may face the wrath of their partner who might be expecting a tad bit more romance.

If you want to impress a nerd, a table-themedValentine’s Day card like the one presented above is all it would take to generate a positive response from your crush.

Telling them they are beautiful by using the word “spectacular” along with clever integration of a prop representing spectacles or eyesight glasses, is what would add a humorous as well as a geeky touch to your message.

When you want more attention from your workaholic partner but love them nonetheless, a greeting card like the one shown above may be perfect for expressing both feelings simultaneously.

There are many more non-traditional Valentine’s card designs available on the internet. You can also come up with your own, based on your and your partner’s interests.

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