5 Most poisonous flowers: You invite death when you touch them

We all love flowers. They symbolize emotions. Be it a festive occasion – like a wedding or a birthday – or a moment of sadness – like the death of a loved one – flowers are an integral part of our traditions. But remember, appearances are deceptive. This statement fits well with some of the most poisonous flowers that we are going to enlist in this article. 

Yes, you read it right. Poisonous flowers. These flowers are deadly. If you touch them, you may die. Touch them not.   

You must be wondering, how come the poisonous flowers exist?

Well, there are many species of flowers that are not safe for humans and animals. In fact, these can cause severe health problems and may also lead to death in some cases.

Below you will find the five deadliest flowers that may appear to be magnificent, irresistible, and heavenly, but be aware, these are poisonous flowers.

Top 5 poisonous flowers


William Wordsworth, the English poet might have been banging his head to the wall, if he had found ‘Daffodils’ mentioned in this article.  The bright yellow daffodils look amazing when flowing with the breeze. Do you know that it is harmful, not only for the animals, but for humans as well? The flower contains chemicals such as Calcium Oxalate and Lycorine. These chemicals can cause digestive problems, nausea, vomiting, stomachache, etc. We advise you enjoy Daffodils from far away, otherwise, you might get into trouble. 


Larkspur is an exceptionally beautiful spring flower that grows in elevated areas. It contains toxic elements such as diterpenoid alkaloids and Methyllycaconitine

It is one of the most poisonous flowers on the planet Earth. If pets come into contact with the flower, they can suffer from neuromuscular or respiratory paralysis. It can even lead to tremors or death. Moreover, even a slight touch can leave you with skin irritation.

Angel’s Trumpet

It’s such a tempting name. Angel’s Trumpet can take you to heavens in no time. These flowers are delightful and pleasing to the eyes, but they are deadly poisonous as well. If you happen to eat this flower, you will instantly die. Moreover, it may also lead to auditory or visual hallucinations as well. Rember, not everything that seems angelic, is pure and holy.


Foxgloves or Digitalis is a breathtakingly beautiful flower, but it is also poisonous. Everything, from seeds to the roots, and the petals of the flower – is poisonous. If anyone ingests this flower, he may suffer from nausea and vomiting, etc. It’s better to stay away, otherwise, you may have to face fatal consequences.


Monkshood flower is also known as the Devil’s Helmet, Wolfsbane, and Poison Queen. Just imagine what will be the consequences, if one touches this flower intentionally, or by mistake. You will surely get attracted to these eye-catching purple flowers. But once you touch them, you get an asphyxia attack.

Asphyxia is a condition in which a person suffers from unconsciousness that leads him to death.

In this article, we have enlisted five of the most poisonous flowers that may not only cause severe health issues, but may also cause death.

Before we conclude this article, one last piece of advice for you. Nature has bestowed many gifts upon us. The presence of these poisonous yet beautiful flowers indicates that beauty lies within, and the looks outside can be deceiving and deadly.

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