A long list of glasses and sunglasses memes you love to read

People who wear glasses have always been targeted by the people who do not. Either in daily life issues like taking a bath or having a sip of hot tea without losing sight, they always struggle especially if they have high visual disabilities. The constant struggle of drinking coffee, lens cleaning, squinting all of them provide people to make glasses and sunglasses memes and have a laugh about them. And then comes thug life sunglasses memes.

Thug life sunglasses memes are considered to be the funniest ones that many times are accompanied with the catchy songs and captions from ‘In the Club’ Snoop Dogg, Thug life gangsters, it and other contemporaries like Next Episode from Dr. Dre, ‘Move B**ch Move Out the Way’ from Ludacris all of them are appealing and upbeat songs that come along these sunglasses memes.

In the following, we have gathered most of the funniest sunglasses memes which you might have used to pun your friend in different situations. Let’s get into that.

7 year old me

Face ID

When your phone does not recognize you and forget who you are.

A dog wearing sunglasses

Have you spotted that?

Tried something new

Most of us have been putting something in there. But none of us has thought the same.

Texas version of sunglasses

It reminds me of an android game among us.

Hey Friend take of your glasses

A panda may seem the same when your friend takes off his sunglasses.

Adjusting new prescription

When you try a new optician for your eye care, he prescribes your new specs. 

Lying struggle

This is the real struggle faced by every glasses holder.

When you are obsessed with puppy filters

The filter was one of the most sought trends of Snapchat when it was introduced first. And every teenager was so much obsessed with this filter. But no one said that the guys with specs can’t use them.

Glasses without makeup? No way

Laws of reflection

It’s just too weird when you wear those glasses and you forget to say the photographer to turn off the flash. 

When you have been wearing glasses all through your life

Do you know any of your friends who’ve been wearing glasses all their life?

Am I looking dope?

It’s hard to expect a nice reply from your friend. But if someone is asking this from you, tell him what you feel.

Style or not to style, that’s the question

Of course, style is important. But if you wear specs, it’s hard to choose between them.

No need to have an accident to be blind

After every gym class

Those little kindergarten kids always found this after gym class.

Hard to watch a 3D movie

And when you love watching 3D movies when you can’t even watch them wearing those optical glasses.

Looking for your glasses in the morning

I see differently

JOJO Bizarre Adventure

Jojo anime memes are quite famous from all-time sunglasses memes due to the luxurious outfit that the character wore and the dialogue will surely make you laugh.

Leonardo not coming slow

The scene was taken from Wolf of Wall Street when Leonardo was nominated for Oscars best male actor. His role in the movie was a heartless and fierce but successful stockbroker.

The infamous first family

The photo was captured when the couple was sighting the moon eclipse phenomenon. People still want the couple to be seen in memes and they never get old.

Like a Boss

Has anybody said fashion?

That bossy attitude is not everyone’s cup of tea. It comes after a decade.

Subconscious Message

It’s always me to blow the candles

Younger siblings are such a pain.  The toddler stole the limelight from his sister’s birthday. After the birthday song, he blew away the candle. Undoubtedly an adorable moment stealer.

The real struggle

Not clean enough

People with glasses should keep a hanky.

Blind justice

The hard truth

Why every time I have to clean them

Keep away the fake lashes

From the above list of glasses and sunglasses memes, you must have had a good time reading them. You or your friend can relate to them as well. So next time when you want to tease your friend try any of them and have a great time.

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