Learn the answers to American history trivia questions

We are all pretty confident about the fact that we know most historic details and past incidents that are relevant to our country, the United States of America. It is not until a quiz or game night that exposure to trivia questions makes us realize where we stand.

In case you are wondering what is meant by ‘trivia questions’, the term refers to short questions asked as part of a quiz or rapid-fire game, and usually involves asking the respondent minute details such as scientific and historical facts, or testing their knowledge in areas such as sports and entertainment.

To help you ace any such upcoming competitions during the next family get-together or friends’ slumber party, here is a list of American history trivia questions that you must learn the answers to.

Who was the first person to discover America?

If this question is asked, most of us would confidently answer:

“Christopher Columbus”

However, you might be surprised to know that this is an incorrect response. The credit goes to Leif Erikson who is rarely acknowledged.

The truth is that even though Columbus stopped at various nearby locations during his voyage, he never really set foot in the area that now constitutes the United States. It is amusing that despite this, the country celebrates a holiday to recognize Columbus.

Maybe that became a tradition in view of the misconception regarding Christopher Columbus and then the masses chose not to discontinue the extra holiday.

Do you know which city was the first capital of our country?

Contrary to the general belief, Washington D.C. was NOT the first capital of America. It was New York City.

In fact, it was at the balcony of the famous City Hall that President George Washington took the oath to serve the country.

Do you know what caused the Great Chicago Fire?

It was a massive fire that brought about large-scale destruction; that resulted in damaged buildings, and loss of precious human life. It lasted for three days during the month of October, 1871 and resulted in damages to the tune of $200 million.

One of the popular American history trivia questions is what brought about this fire? A common belief is that the fire was initiated accidentally when a cow kicked a burning lantern placed nearby.

This seems more like a scene from any fictional story, yet has been considered true by majority for unknown reasons. The exact reason is unknown to date while numerous conspiracy theories regarding the topic have been propagated ever since and everyone believes the version, they feel is more realistic.

Some say that the lantern was kicked by drunk men who were involved in gambling at a barn, while others believe that the fire was the result of a series of celestial events.

Fun Fact: Since no one is sure what exactly caused this fire, there is no right answer to this question.

Why does the Liberty Bell have a crack in it?

As you all must be aware that the Liberty Bell holds immense significance for the Americans. It is a symbol of our country’s independence. However, many of us wonder why such an important souvenir of history cracked.

You might be amused to know that it was cracked only within a year of its inauguration when over-excited patriots hit the bell a bit too hard on July 4, 1776.

If you are wondering why it was never repaired, the answer is that it has been fixed numerous times but to no avail.

Why is Chicago known as “The Windy City”?

Most of us believe that this is because of the strong winds and general weather conditions of the city. Only a few know that this is a complete misconception.

If any city had to be named after its windy weather, it would have been Boston rather than Chicago where the winds blow at a speed of 12.4 mph. 

The truth is that this nickname has been given to Chicago due to its political history. There have been many politicians in the city during the 19th century who made huge claims but performed only a few valuable acts. This trait is referred to as “windbag” or “long-winded”, hence the name “Windy City”.

Who was the first President of the United States?

If asked this question, most of us would say “George Washington”. Let us reveal this fact to you. This is actually not true.

Though George Washington was America’s first elected President, in no way was he THE first president. This status was achieved by Peyton Randolph. In fact, before Washington resumed the office of the President, and after Randolph retired, there were many other Presidents in between.

There are many other unknown or less popular facts that most of us are unaware of. One benefit of trivia nights is that they help in increasing our general knowledge. We hope you find this list of American history trivia questions informative and it helps you have an edge over others in your next competition.

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