What makes JoJo’s music so special?

Don`t be taken aback if someone asks you whether you have seen Jojo’s Music. Yes of course, music is something you hear and not catch sight of, but some singers release absolutely heart-touching videos of their songs that lead you to appreciate both the video and the audio.

Jojo is the stage name for the American singer Joanna Noelle Levesque. She first appeared on television as a participant in America’s Most Talented Kids in 2003. Spotted as a young girl having potential to make a mark in the field of music by producer Vincent Herbert, Joanna was offered to sing for his label – Blackground Records.

In 2004, her first album was released which was named Jojo after her. The first Jojo music album was such a major hit that it was ranked #4 on the music charts of the most popular American songs. Having made her mark at the age of 13, she was the youngest solo artist to have made it to the top position on music charts.

Once Jojo’s music journey began, she signed contracts with one record label after the other, until she established her own by the name of Clover Music in 2018. Clover Music was a co-partnership between Joanna and Warner Records. Jojo re-recorded her 2 initial albums under the banner of Clover Music, and then followed it up with the release of her 4th album Good to Know.

Now let’s return to our initial discussion about viewing a song. One of the songs from Jojo’s third music album (Mad Love) is named “Music”. What makes Jojo’s Music so different from the rest of her songs is that it is an emotional narrative including tones of rhythm and blues, pop, hip hop, soulful and funk. Basically, the entire song is being led by a piano note.

The lyrics unfold the journey of Joanna`s growing up, her passion for music, and the love and support of her family. The song also includes a trio dedicated to her father who passed away in 2015 when the album was still being recorded.

It is strange how human beings can so deeply connect with emotional scenes from a storyline, especially if they are related to the character`s families. Maybe one of the reasons is that we can all relate to, and feel the happiness or pain of the characters when trying to imagine ourselves in their place. This might be one of the reasons along with the awesomeness of the song itself, that the video for Jojo’s song Music received great popularity.

The video depicts scenes representing Jojo`s childhood, her parents and then glimpses of her performances till she starts recording in studio and becomes famous enough to be invited for interviews. It is such a beautiful depiction of her entire journey that is enough to win appreciation from the viewers.

No doubt Jojo’s Music, out of all her songs, is particularly well-known.

The video and the lyrics are powerful enough to bring tears to the eyes of any emotional viewer. How is it then possible that the song would not have had the same impact on the person who has lived through each and every one of those moments?

Jojo claimed that she choked during her first attempt to sing the song because she couldn’t control her tears in wake of the emotions that aroused by reliving all the memories. However, she didn’t make another attempt after the second recording because she also wanted the song to resonate with that feel and emotion she felt while singing it, so she left it as natural as possible. She has claimed that this song was particularly close to her heart because it revealed how music influenced and directed not only her life, but also her bond with her parents who supported her throughout the journey.

She said that when she considered cancelling one of her tours upon finding out about her father’s death, she felt that he wouldn’t have approved of the idea if he was alive so she continued with it.

As the lyrics in Jojo’s Music constantly repeat “Tell me who would I be without you”, this song was almost named “Who Would I Be”. It serves the double meaning of not only showing gratitude to her parents but also her fans. In one of her interviews, Jojo specially mentioned her fans while having a discussion around this song stating that she wouldn’t have been where she is today without their support. Therefore, we can say that Music is more of an autobiography and a thank you note than a song.

Jojo is now getting ready to try her luck in the world of acting, and we look forward to similar masterpieces from her in that field as well.

Do you have any life experiences that you would want to preserve in a unique form such as writing, painting or singing? Give it a try and maybe the end result turns out to be beautiful beyond your imagination.

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