Is planet Earth capitalized : Some interesting facts about Earth

How many years has it been for the word “Earth” to exist? And is planet Earth capitalized or not?

Almost seven thousand years have passed for the word “Earth” to exist. But to date, people get perplexed about the fact that – is planet Earth capitalized or not? Well, when it comes to this word most of the native speakers are baffled, whether to use “earth” or “Earth.” This amazing word can either be considered as a common noun or a proper noun.

Using ‘Earth’ as a proper noun or common noun depends on the sentence formation. Proceeding with this rule, Earth is always capitalized when you are talking about a certain celestial body or plant. For example, The journey from Earth to Mars takes 6-8 months.

On the other hand, when Earth is said to be used as a common noun, refrain from using “The.” Moreover, it is always a good option to lowercase the word when you are talking about the soil or ground as a stratum or surface. For example, The soil was drilled at the earth by archaeologists.

Now you know, which principles decide – is planet Earth capitalized or not!

Earth, not an accurate sphere?

Yes, you heard it right – Earth is not an accurate sphere at all. Perhaps, the shape of the Earth pretty much clarifies this statement. If you have noticed in videos or your books, then there is a bulge covered across the center of the Earth. It’s called an oblate spheroid because it appears like a crushed ball.

Moreover, the diameter at the equator is 27 miles greater than the distance from start to finish, or from the North Pole to the South Pole. This happens due to the bulge around the Earth’s core.

At what temperature is the Earth as hot as the sun?

Reportedly, the center of the Earth is 10,380 °F. This is one of the reasons that there are mind-boggling facts about the Earth’s core. From this part of the Earth, radiant energy is formulated, which leads to Geothermal power. The produced radiant energy generates the motion of the continents and heats volcanoes on Earth through plate tectonics.

When scientists looked for the heat causes, they figured out, 80 percent of the heat develops in the state of nuclear reaction. While the other 20 percent of the heat is warming from the time all the rocks collided to create the universe in the initial solar system.

How many Services and Goods does the Earth produce every year?

This fact is quite an interesting one. The Earth is home to many living beings. It is filled with incredible resources that can be molded in any way to attain the benefits of usage. People who live on this planet make an effort to create a better lifestyle for themselves via Earth’s available resources.

The Earth is unique in its way. And if we talk about goods and services produced by humans, then it is around $72 trillion each year. However, it doesn’t matter whether they are tangible or intangible goods. After all, it involves producing resources from the Earth’s natural resources and that is what matters.

Can a particular size of Ocean cover the Earth, if it was smooth?

While searching for the Earth’s facts, we stumbled into many exciting facts about the oceans too. You will be amazed to know that there is only 1 ocean on planet Earth. The names that you have been listening to, your whole life are given by humans.

If the Earth was completely smooth, without any valleys or mountains underwater or on land, the oceans would be  2.7 km deep.

How long was the day when the Earth evolved?

The Earth is moving at a turbo speed.  It’s surprising to discover that the Earth, which rotates at over 1,000 miles an hour, is getting slower.  However, the moon is to blame for the slowdown. The idea that the moon has such a significant effect on the Earth is among the most fascinating Earth facts. Primarily, the Earth is slowed by the friction generated by the Moon and other planets.

Before evolution, the day only lasted for 5.5 hours. However, today the length of the day is 24 hours and it grows each year gradually, yet unnoticeable.

Now, not only do you have an answer to your question – is planet Earth capitalized or not, but you also know many other fun facts related to our mother earth.

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