Is Capistrano Beach on the Verge of Fading Away

Capistrano beach or more popularly known as Capo beach is a famous hangout site for the locals in Orange County. It’s one of the main picnic spot of Dana point and it is located in southern California.

One of the most popular hangout sites jeweled with countless memories of the people who have been living, are in fear of losing it forever. For the past few years, the erosion process has sped up, causing chunks of mainland being washed away in the sea.

Capistrano beach, once a plundering area with beautiful, sandy playgrounds and bursting ecosystem, is now facing erosion, and is badly affected by the storms. The sand erosion has started since the storms of 1965 which thrashed the whole beach, resulting in the change of the geographic map.

Once a beautiful beach paved with palm trees, cafes and basketball courts – is a victim of coastal erosion. The erosion has intensified in the last decade, and the damage is irreversible. Capistrano beach has been affected badly by the recent storms as the sea levels are rising.

The officials should sit together to devise a plan to handle the ongoing situation with some concrete short and long term plans to revive the beach, otherwise it will just be a lost memory.

 Termed as “Piece of Paradise”, if revival plans are not carried out to save the beach, the future looks bleak.

What the ocean gives, it takes away.

Mother nature chomps away a big chunk of Capistrano beach in the recent eroding season that hit the beach badly along with the emergence of high tides which slammed the coastline of California with full force. It also affected the but Capistrano beach.

The latest episode of erosion caused a big 6-foot drop in the coastal concrete walkway; wrecking the wirings and wood pilings etc.  Plans have been executed in recent years to slow down the process of erosion, but all the efforts went in vain.

A resident of area shared his post, highlighting the recent damage caused by the storms and sea level rise. He exclaimed, “Mother Nature, she wins. She’s not very happy with us. It’s just astonishing. It is craziness.”

Another sad resident posted, “You can see it receding,” “No one replenished it.” The concerned authorities have started draining the sand from the waterfronts. The locals have resisted this move, as they claim that this will only barge an even greater piece of sand out of the beach resulting in more damage to the beach.

Deep down inside, everybody knows that this is a battle against mother nature that they can’t win, but if only a sincere effort is put up to save the beach, it can be saved for a few more years, for the future generations, so that they get to enjoy the beautiful, serene and peaceful Capistrano beach for as long as possible.

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