If you think Russian cursive is easy, try it!

In the world of handwriting, doctors are always blamed for bad writing skills. However, you surely haven’t come across the Russian cursive.

Recently, a Twitter User Christian posted about his experience with Russian cursive writing by putting up a caption ‘Lose my mind after learning about Russian cursive’. At first, the majority of the people thought that it was somewhat branding of a ballpoint pen or a way of normalizing this writing style in front of the general public.

Nevertheless, when the comment section of Christian was flooded with people’s experience of Russian cursive, it was fair enough to say that it is one of the difficult writing styles to comprehend.

This article will cover the key aspects of Russian cursive. Moreover, it will guide whether you should learn this writing style and what are the 5 best ways of learning it.

What is Russian cursive?

Many people have an aim to do something in life which is particularly different from all other thoughts. One of the ideas from the basket is to learn Russian cursive.

Seeing the beauty of the writing style attracts loads of individuals towards it. However, once they are on the cycle of learning, they start to realize what big mistake they have made. Surely, Russian cursive is alluring, but at the same time, it is deadly.

It must look beautiful on paper, but to write it is a pretty difficult task for all the Russian students. Nevertheless, it is great to learn and possess something incredible.

To learn Russian cursive, you have to read and write real Russian material.

Why should you learn Russian cursive?

Practice makes you perfect. Well, that’s the case with Russian cursive. If you think that you know Russian alphabets without studying Russian cursive, trust us you’re wrong. Yes, you know things about it but half of them.

Just by studying print materials, it wouldn’t be an easy task for you to comprehend Russian cursive. Usually, the cursive version of many different languages appears to be the same; however, in Russian cursive, the game is entirely different.

Until and unless, you don’t know the cursive, you would not be able to write Russian appropriately on the paper. Your writing style might appear less professional, or unnatural on the writing sheet. However, if you wish to learn this amazing style, find some helpful pointers below to get started with.

Easy steps to learn Russian cursive

These are some of the crucial ways to learn this artistic writing style. They might appear tough to a bunch of people. However, if you apply them, you might be able to learn them in no time.

  • Conquer the challenges you face

Everyone is facing something or the other and challenges are part of life. You might face multiple challenges on the road to learning Russian cursive. The mistakes are quite funny too.

People have posted their experiences on social media while they are easing their ways of learning this writing style. It is hilarious and many memes are created out of it.

One of the posts stated ‘Russian cursive makes me cry’ gained massive popularity on the internet. Mistakes are part of life, rather than fearing it, try to overcome them with some laugh of joy.

  • You can remember the cursive letters with the familiar letters you know

In the list of difficult cursive letters, one of the toughest to learn is д. However, when you compare it with the English cursive letter G, you will find it quite similar to it.

You might find it a tricky part to compare the Russian cursive letters with the general everyday language. Nonetheless, if you are successful in doing it, you will find it way easier to remember the letters with ease.

  • Practice writing with real-world content

Sometimes, practice becomes a boring task. We tend to pen down things repetitively which makes it boring. However, if you try to write articles regarding daily news, books, and movies; it would make it an exciting process for you.

  • Perfection comes with practice and time

It might look like a difficult function to be carried out and you might encounter several hurdles in the phase of learning Russian cursive. You cannot expect to write with perfection in the first few days. Good things take time and eventually, your skill will upgrade with practice. Once you start reading and writing extensively, it will enhance your knowledge.


It is always great to learn additional things and Russian cursive is one of them. The world is evolving at a fast pace, and it has become necessary to learn languages other than your native language. Practice and make yourself perfect at it. 

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