How to prepare a Fortnite birthday cake to make your kid’s birthday memorable!

Is your child a crazy fan of Fortnite? If that’s the case, he must be aware of all the characters and trends that the game entails as well. So to all the mothers out there – If you are planning to surprise your kid on their birthday, then you better step into the kitchen and start prepping for a Fortnite birthday cake. Trust us, your child will get happy in no time.

What is Fortnite about?

Fortnite is quite a famous video game that is played not only by children but adults too. From competing with players to fighting with zombies, the game has some pretty interesting battles and graphics. Plus, the cakes that appear in the game look super yummy, and trying them is damn important. Therefore, we have formulated this guide to tell you about some of the incredible ideas for Fortnite’s birthday cake. So stay tuned for unleashing the recipes.

Moreover, children of 10-18 age can help you in preparing the cake. Especially, if your kid loves the game and plays it daily, then he/she might give you extra tips and design ideas. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start the Fortnite baking journey.

Ingredients of the Fortnite birthday cake

Basic recipe
• 2 tablespoons milk
• 6 drops of vanilla extract
• Buttercream
• 4 eggs with the yolk
• 2 tablespoon baking powder
• 225-gram unsalted butter at room temperature
• 225-gram caster sugar
• 225-gram flour with an added raising agent
• Delicious toppings with various colors

A simple tutorial for a Fortnite birthday cake

  • Step 1: Start with heating to 160C/140C in a fan oven and by using parchment paper, line 2 round cake pans
  • Step 2: You canmake a chocolate or vanilla cake, following the basic recipe mentioned above. Initiate by sifting the baking powder and flour into a big blending bowl. Make sure you blend each ingredient until it’s completely mixed
  • Step 3: Next, divide the blend amongst 2 cake pans and for around 30-35 min you have to keep on baking 
  • Step 4: After following the 3rd step, cool the blend for 10 min, shift to a wire rack, and again cook for 10 min
  • Step 5: Hold a knife to straighten the sponge tops. Equally spread store-bought or homemade buttercream on top of the two cakes, and also try to create equal layers on the sides
  • Step 6: Finish the step of putting one cake on the other
  • Step 7: Roll out green frosting that has been pre-rolled. Nicely place it all over your 2-layer cake, then hold a knife to get rid of any excess
  • Step 8: Prefer purchasing or getting a ready-made buttercream and transfer it into a piping bag. You have to use pipe drops of buttercream (green color) on the overall cake’s top to form a grassy appearance
  • Step 9: We would certainly say this was an easy-peasy cake. And to complete the overall look of the Fortnite cake, you can purchase toppings or cake decors and design them across the grass in whatever way you like. 

A fun tutorial for a Fortnite battle bus cake

The battle bus of Fortnite is an awesome part of the video game. And so this cake is inspired by that bus. But Fortnite battle bus cake is a bit trickier to prepare, consisting of icing that is ready to use.

  • Step 1: Firstly, you have to find a Battle Bus picture. It will help you in recreating the correct shape. Plus, the important elements that you need to form are the blue bus, yellow and blue top balloon, front yellow and red lights and pipe, and black windows
  • Step 2: Bake a chocolate or vanilla sponge cake according to the earlier mentioned recipe, but prefer rectangle-shaped cake pans
  • Step 3: Roll out a big amount of blue fondant frosting and use it to cover your 2-layer rectangle cake
  • Step 4: Next, thisis the right time to tally things with your picture to make rolled-out icing sheets in your desired colors. Hold a razor-sharp knife to divide them into the required sizes, and then to attach to the bus- brush with a tiny amount of water
  • Step 5: The hardest part will be the yellow balloon. While if we talk about the game, then it usually stays in the air- above the bus. But as this isn’t possible on the cake, we would recommend you to mold a piece of white icing and put it on top of the icing square in black.

How to prepare a Fortnite llama cake?

In Fortnite, Llama Pinatas are the special “loot boxes.” And so this Fortnite birthday cake is really liked by most of the kids. However, Fortnite llama cake is one of the hardest cakes to prepare, but once they get done, they are worth the effort.

  • Step 1: Make 2 sponge cakes in square pans, according to the ingredients mentioned in the beginning. After that, form a 2-layer sponge along with buttercream in the center
  • Step 2: Get a template of Fortnite llama in the form of a hard copy. You can hunt for these on the internet, but ensure that the printed size is similar to the size you want your cake to look like
  • Step 3: Now hold that printed paper and cut it into a proper shape, and then put it on the cake’s top. Hold a knife for cutting around the required shape. And as you will be left with excess, you can do the body and head one by one to join them afterward
  • Step 4: Place the llama’s body and head so they are nicely joined together and spread the buttercream all over the cake. Cool it in the fridge for around 25 minutes, then impart an extra butter cream’s layer
  • Step 5: Next, roll out light blue, dark blue, and purple fondant icing, and slice various strips that you can coat over one another to form a piñata design on all the cake
  • Step 6: Lastly, roll out grey, black, brown, and white fondant and slice them into a shape to put on the cake, including a side arrow and the eyes

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