8 Effective ways on how to stop someone from texting you

Is there anything more annoying than a person who keeps on texting you, even if you don’t respond? Well, we guess every person once has experienced this situation where we get unwelcomed text messages from stalkers, hidden admirers, and even our friends! It’s infuriating and unsettling when someone texts you incessantly and you don’t like having them on your phones.

The vexing texts may be a one-time occurrence. Occasionally, they may be an unending bombardment that puts your patience to the test. This occurs most often when the person messaging you has developed a liking for you or has fallen in love with you, however, you lack a reciprocal attraction to them. Here are some ideas on how to make someone stop texting you without seeming disrespectful.

How to stop someone from texting you?

Numerous surveys indicate that almost 1/3rd of cellphone users receive unwanted text messages. There are various methods as to how to make someone stop texting you and remove the obnoxious messages from people who do not want to be included in these unwelcome statistics. Well, you do not need to be impolite; you may convey your message nicely. Among these methods are the message sending failure prank and the error text prank, which you may use until they stop contacting you.

Block them

These days, the majority of mobiles phones and service providers have a blocking feature. The block feature was created especially for this reason — to prevent unwanted text messages and phone calls. Each time they attempt to text you, they will be unsuccessful. They will recognize that their messages are unwanted if they are intelligent enough.

Never reply

By disregarding the text, you communicate your own message. Silence is a powerful tool for convincing someone to stop messaging you. After repeatedly sending messages without receiving a response from you, the other party will likely get tired of one-way contact. There is also an aphorism that “intelligent people disregard.”

Maintain golden silence with them till they stop texting you. Furthermore, if the other person is intelligent enough, he or she will see that you do not want a pointless conversation.

Be direct

If you think you need to apply this approach, you should exercise caution to avoid severing connections that you may require in the future. Other individuals may have difficulty reading the signs and cues you provide about how much you dislike getting messages from them.

Inform them directly that you do not approve of their texting, taking care not to offend their emotions. Inform them that you prefer not to talk to them or you are not in a position to converse.

Confront them

Your neck has been submerged, and you must act quickly! You should only resort to confrontation if all other avenues have failed. This approach should be saved for individuals that constantly text you and with whom you have expressed your displeasure. You’ve even attempted to ignore the messages without success.

Do not be afraid to state clearly to the individual that he or she must quit texting! Make it clear that you have no desire to communicate with him or her.

Change your number

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! It is your last remaining option for eradicating the unrelenting encroachment. You’ve attempted various methods to prevent them from messaging you, including blocking them, yet they continue to contact you from new numbers. The words have grown so vexing that you can no longer bear them.

Get a new phone number and avoid sharing it with individuals with whom you do not want to communicate. They cannot SMS you if they don’t have your new phone number! Notifying folks of your new phone number is difficult, but it is worthwhile. You are at ease! Simply verify that your contacts are saved on the cloud and synced with your new number.

Seek help

We all have a common acquaintance or that one friend that is always there for you in times of need! Solicit assistance from a third person to convey a firm message. You may even convey phony threats to the obnoxious guy through that individual to keep him away. This may seem to be an unpleasant concept, yet it is successful at times.

In severe cases, a trustworthy friend may act like your boyfriend/girlfriend to protect you from the frequent irritating texts.

Error text prank

Another method to persuade someone to stop sending you text messages is to use error text pranks that imitate the automatic error messages that serial providers often send when they encounter technical difficulties. Each time you get an undesirable text, respond with “SMS ERROR 111: THE PERSON IS NOT AUTHORISED TO SEND & RECEIVE SMS” OR an “SMS SERVICE ERROR ERROR”.

After numerous attempts, the persistent texter is going to give up and believe there is a service malfunction stopping them from messaging you. If they can read between the lines, they will deduce that you do not like receiving text messages.

 Report to the person to the authorities

Certain individuals are unable to determine when to surrender. Others are so self-absorbed that they are blind to the fact that they are invading another person’s private life. You have made frantic efforts to communicate to someone that you are not pleased with their messages, however, they do not seem to have learned their lesson.

As a last resort to how to make someone stop texting you, do not be afraid to contact the authorities. You may even get a court-ordered restraining order. Occasionally, a warning from the authorities is sufficient to deter them from messaging you again.

Stopping the texts

You are not required to suffer in silence as a result of unwelcome text messages sent by individuals you dislike. Evaluate your circumstances and choose the most effective method for preventing them from messaging you. You have the option of avoiding the needless unpleasant emotional impact that unwelcome messages may have on you.

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