Find business clothes at cheap prices

Whether you are a fresh business graduate, new to the corporate world or simply juggling with finances, we understand the struggle to find cheap business clothes that won’t cost you a fortune, while you strive to maintain a formal, workplace look.

Therefore, we bring to you a list of stores where you can find chic, yet affordable work wear.


Introduced in 1996 as a typical streetwise clothing store that sold used clothes for women, Lulu`s evolved in 2004 into a retailer of new, affordable apparel. To cut down costs to sell items at relatively better prices, Lulu`s shut down their physical stores in 2008 and started operating online only.

Working women can find a variety of cheap business clothes at their website and order the ones they like. The best advantage is they will receive these dresses right at their doorstep.

The image below provides an idea of the type of formal wear available at Lulu`s:

Banana Republic

Now owned by the retail giant GAP, Banana Republic was originally founded by a couple who were known for their impressive collection of clothes from around the world. This was possible due to the nature of their jobs which required frequent travel.

Today, the store is a top choice for purchasing affordable apparel that is suitable for the corporate world. Reason being that coordinated sets of dress pants and formal jackets, button-down shirts and dresses- all can be found within the range of approximately $200. Furthermore, there are additional offers available at reduced prices.


There will be hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about ASOS. Just like Lulus, ASOS is also an online marketplace but with a much larger variety. The best thing is that it especially targets young adults, hence the product offerings are as per the latest trends.

Even though it is based in the UK, it delivers products to the US.

Many people may have even shopped from ASOS for their fashion needs without spending a lot of money, but it often goes unconsidered that the same medium can also be used to get your hands on some cheap business clothes.

The best part advantage of shopping from ASOS is that numerous brands are available, hence there ought to be something for everyone irrespective of their unusual sizes or styles.

Forever 21

Despite filing for bankruptcy and rumors that the store would be shutting down in face of financial losses, a good news for fans is that the products will continue to be sold in America where they have a strong customer base.

They offer stylish business clothes at extremely affordable prices. Why not get your hands on some cheap business clothes from this store?

Below are few work wear items from Forever 21, and we must say, they look pretty attractive:


H&M`s stores are a great place to find items on sale because there is always a discounted section. Not only this but the design and style of their clothing line is often inspired by models and celebrities. Furthermore, petite as well as plus sized clothes are also available.

T.J Maxx

One of the best places to find cheap business clothes is T.J Maxx. It is an off-price retail store that sells very fine products at extremely reduced prices. The products found here might be off-season or slightly damaged, but the deal is totally worth it. Also, you can always buy and stack your work wardrobe for the upcoming season beforehand.

Hacks for getting your hands on work wear within budget

There may be circumstances when you do not have the budget to buy office wear even from the above-mentioned affordable stores. Here are few hacks to be able to get your hands on some smart clothing in such a situation:

  • Barter system

Remember the good old barter system we learned about in history textbooks? Maybe now is the right time to implement that.

If you have more casual or party wear that are in a fairly good condition, exchange them for business clothes with someone who wants to get rid of their unnecessarily large collection. It will be a win-win for both parties.

  • Carefully decide which items to invest in

Rather than spending your entire budget on 2-3 dresses that can only be used the way they are, invest in basic colors and clothes that can be re-used by styling them differently.

Examples include blue, black or beige coordinated sets of blazers and dress pants that can be paired with any shirt and tops with skirts and trousers.

  • Don’t try to copy others

You might be impressed by the dressing style of certain people in your office, but there is no need to feel inferior or get intimidated by them. You should not try to copy them by going out of your way to spend a huge amount on office clothes just to match them. Remember you will be judged by the quality of your work, not the price tag of your clothes.

The reason we have shared resources and hacks for finding cheap business clothes is that we understand the struggle most people go through to search for clothes in their budget, especially in financially challenging times like today. Therefore, if you find our tips helpful, do not hesitate to share them with your friends or colleagues so they may use any hack to their advantage.

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