Where did I put that? 6 Tips for finding lost items in your home

“Where did I put that?”

How many times have you asked this question to yourself while trying to find something desperately? The irony is that things go missing at the very moment we need them: car keys disappear right before we are heading out, favorite nail color suddenly vanishes from the vanity box when we are already getting late for a party, and your wallet will not be found when you need to make payment to the pizza-delivery guy standing at the door.

Knowing how to find lost items can prove to be helpful the next time you are faced with a situation like this.

According to a survey, on average, the Americans spend two hours per week trying to locate misplaced items.

Therefore, we will be sharing some tips on how to find these lost items.

Check the usual place

Often, we tend to panic immediately if we cannot find a particular item without thinking about where to check it out. For example, it is very likely that the keys – you are frantically searching for – are left inserted in the lock, or your student card is right there – in the school bag- in a different pocket.

Check yourself

Have you ever had a good laugh after realizing that you were carrying the thing you have been searching for? Often people who wear glasses keep looking around for them. Similarly, you may have put a smaller, but valuable object like a USB in your pocket unconsciously but end up worrying about how to find the lost item.

Check cluttered areas

When searching for a lost item, we all tend to look at tidy corners of our house first. A study published by the University of Aberdeen suggests that this is because our brain is automatically directed to search for things in cleaner areas. However, the truth is that if the item would have been present in a clean area, it would have been vividly visible. Therefore, instead of wasting time looking again and again in tidy areas, one should focus on the most cluttered areas of the house.

Consider visual and non-visual qualities of the lost item

While searching for the lost item, you must keep in mind the missing object`s visual qualities like color, size and shape along with its non-visual qualities like whether it is hard, soft etc. It can prove to be helpful. For example, a small object may have stuck between gaps in the sofa or a light-colored object may need more focus, or better lighting to be discovered.

Calm down and think

If you are unable to retrieve the lost item even after following all of the tips, mentioned above, do not panic! Calm down and think about the last time you saw or used that thing. Did you take it with you at a friend’s place? Did you have it with you in the mall? Did you use it in the library? Asking yourself questions like these will most probably help you track down the lost item.

Ask for help

Once you have figured out where you might have left the item, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Ask your friend, the librarian, employees at the shop you visited. They will most likely return the item if you have left it at their place or at least help you find it.

All of the above tips on how to find a lost item will increase your chances of finding the object. However, to avoid asking yourself “where did I put that?” the next time, it is very important to stay organized. Try to keep objects in places that are meant for them, like keys, handbags or bank cards. It can also be helpful to use some of the smart apps like Duet and Tile that use Bluetooth-enabled tracking devices to locate your things.

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