How to attract Capricorn men: Here are our best-kept secret tips

Is your crush a Capricorn? Looking to attract this man who is an earth sign sporting a high libido but secretive as a fox? Then read this and get ideas about how to attract Capricorn men?

Capricorn guys are secretive and tactical when it comes to physical attraction. This earth sign oozes out sexual desires just by letting down all of its weapons-making you want to jump on him right away.

Capricorn men are people with fewer words. They are observant by nature and will note down the minutest details about your aura, your presentation, your hair, skin, fragrance, and even clothes and heels. These things attract them! But they are too shy to make a direct move.

Let’s have a look at some features which can surely make you win your Capricorn guy!


Capricorn men are suggestive and for them, chemistry matters a lot! Chemistry is the factor that can make or break a relationship! It will determine whether you both hold a future together or it will just be a one-night-stand!

Being an earth sign; Capricorn men tend to observe in silence. They like to express their true emotions when it is needed; else their eyes do the talking. Chemistry is very vital for them. It is more important than sexual intimacy therefore you need to make it work. If the chemistry between you both comes easy then this relationship is bound to conquer all hurdles.

If you and the guy can talk endlessly without getting bored; they do take a chance of making the next move!


Stay calm! The key to winning a man is not to freak out or have an uncontrollable laughing fit; it will make the goat guy lose interest in you, immediately. But he loves humor. Now how to attract Capricorn men if they want sobriety as well as humor? Well, the answer is; you need to have a balanced approach with the right amount of humor amalgamated with calmness. If you can’t attain that; then you need to try your luck somewhere else!

 A Capricorn man is ambitious by nature. Perfectionist to the core. He is ruled by the planet Saturn which depicts responsibility, commitment, and authority. A Capricorn guy is defined by these attributes and you need to respect them. He will make you feel loved but on his terms and rules.


A traditionalist at heart; Capricorn men are very old-fashioned in their likes and dislikes. To attract a Capricorn man; a woman needs to apply all those age-old tricks which have been told by old wives in dozens of fairy tales. YES! If you want to rule this orthodox man’s heart; you need to make him feel cherished and wanted.

As said, Capricorns are old-fashioned so the actual courtship may take time before it begins officially. They will show no signs of wanting you deep down inside and will go with the flow; so you need to be patient and let the man hold the reins of the relationship if you want him to be in your pockets forever.

Make the first move

Make the first move and break the ice. Capricorn men love confessions. They usually appear aloof but secretly admire every little move that you make. If you break the ice gracefully then he will become an asset forever. He will back you wherever you go and whatever you do with sophistication and style.

Initial dates with Capricorn guy

As the sign suggests; Capricorn men take time to endorse a relationship completely. They will like to have a few unofficial meetings before prancing on a first date. This is the way they work!

How to attract Capricorn men on the initial dates? Well, the answer is; keep them as casual and light as possible. Don’t rush and do not exaggerate which makes them realize that you are putting in more effort to make them like you.

The Capricorn guys are in no rush to commit but they will leave certain clues for you to understand what they are anticipating. Figure out the man and make sure he is attracted to you so that the relationship can progress out of the platonic stage.

To be attracted to a Capricorn man, you need to have similar characteristics as well such as being shy, reserved, and an old-fashioned soul. Capricorn is one of the wisest signs in astrology and Capricorn men only get wiser as they age just like an old bottle of wine. So when you have made up your mind to dwell on a relationship; keep in mind all the pros and cons attached to it.

A darker aspect of Capricorn men could be that they wear their ego on their sleeves. That can be a bit of a challenge to tame it down. They are highly ambitious and work is always a priority. Not at all mushy type; it’s hard to impress a Capricorn guy.

A Capricorn guy all for yourself

The Capricorn guy is a keeper. You earn yourself a lifetime of loyalty and of course timeless love. The robust libido keeps getting higher with time as the intimacy between you two grows.

Intimacy and chemistry between you both will be evident from far apart as you both age together and live many meaningful loving years as a couple.

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