Want a good laugh? Read these hilarious Tumblr stories

Social networking platforms have now become an integral part of our lives. We tend to take a break from our hectic routine and check our Tumblr, Facebook, or Snapchat to get updates on what our contacts are up to. We enjoy consuming the content posted by others – be it a collection of photographs from their recent vacation or a narration of unexpected, real-life experiences. Such experiences are sometimes funny and sometimes horrifying.

Since we all deserve a good laugh, we have brought to you a collection of hilarious Tumblr stories.

A complete misunderstanding

Someone shared an amusing account of how they misunderstood their mom’s figurative explanation during childhood which consequently led them to believe something unrealistic for all these long years.

The OP narrated that upon being asked why everyone had a different skin color, the answer s/he received from their mother was that:

“…because God wanted lots of flavors.”

The mother intended to communicate the differences and variety are what make the world a beautiful place but as a child, the OP misunderstood the analogy and was horrified to “learn” that God consumed human beings as food, and probably that is how people died.

Befriending the robbers

We have all been almost broke during our college life, and there is no shame in admitting that. However, life is harder for some than others.

A girl shared a second-hand account of an experience that her friend’s acquaintance went through. The subject of the story was an extremely poor college student who needed a place to live under a strict budget. Therefore, he rented an apartment in a neighborhood that held a bad reputation. The area was famous for criminal activities.

Upon returning home one day, the student was surprised to find a stranger walking into his apartment. It so happened that the stranger, who was a burglar got ashamed as well as shocked to find out that the boy lived in such a bad condition that there was nothing he could steal from that apartment. There was not even a single piece of furniture, and the guy slept on the floor with merely a blanket.

What makes this story funny is that the thief who originally came to rob the apartment returned with his friends and brought gifts for the student, including a table, few chairs, and a small television. He even promised to get a bed a few days later.

It’s hilarious that knowing the source of where these items were probably coming from, the boy abided by the idiom “necessity is the mother of invention” and reportedly said that he never asked his robber friends where they got all these items from.

What an unusual dinner

Every time we come to know about a “sale” or “discounted price” sign at high-end fashion stores we hurriedly rush inside to find a statement piece in our budget.

We don’t care if we are on our way back from work or from errands that make our appearance look unsuitable for these “rich places”. All we want is to avail of the discount and get our hands on items that we otherwise might not be able to afford.

Amongst the many hilarious Tumblr stories shared by people, a rather unusual one is that a lady visited one of these fashion outlets right after she had purchased his pet’s food from another store. Now the awkward part here is that the pet was a lizard and its food consisted of bugs.

As per the OP, it was a hot day and the temperature was as high as 95°F. While receiving her dress from the counter after making the payment, the OP realized that the bugs in her back-pack (about 24 crickets to be exact), might suffocate and die of the heat so right there she took out the packet containing them and put it in the large shopping bag that contained her newly bought dress.

Realizing that she was being gazed at in shock and horror by staff members, the OP hurriedly tried to explain but instead of being able to communicate that it was her pet’s food, the panic of being judged led her to utter “Dinner y`know?” as she chuckled to diffuse the awkward situation.

What followed were horrified and confused reactions of the counter staff and OP’s realization of what she just said.

She later shared the funny situation on Tumblr while vowing she would never go back to that shop out of embarrassment.

How I met your grandmother

We have all asked our grandparents about their love story and been curious about what their first meeting was like.

However, a unique story of the initial interaction between her grandparents was shared by a girl on Tumblr. She narrated that her grandmother was escaping from the police amidst a protest while her grandfather was passing from there on his motorbike. The woman just jumped and sat on the bike, and yelled at the man telling him to drive fast.

This is a rather amusing account of a first meeting and we wonder how many times the granddad would have rolled in fits of laughter while telling his grandchildren the story of “how I met your grandmother”.

To be happy or sad?

We have all laughed our heads off upon hearing stories from our parents’ past days. It is amusing to learn how their life was once so similar to ours. They were adventurous and carefree individuals during their teenage and college-going years before turning into the extremely cautious and protective parents we know of.

Someone shared how their dad unknowingly accepted a job at a restaurant that was a cover-up for one of the mafias. Considering the father was a teenager at the time, she wondered if he would have got the same amount of bashing, we do nowadays for not researching well enough before accepting an opportunity. However, the humorous element in the entire story was that when the dad wanted to quit after a semester, one of the gang members threatened him that he could not leave by putting a gun on his forehead. Before the petrified teenager could say anything, the gang leader yelled the following words at his subordinate:

“Man? He just flips burgers, and he’s not even good at it. Let him go, dumbass!”

We wonder if the subject would have been happy and relieved on the release or sad about his below-average performance.

Nonetheless, this story is sure to leave the audience in fits of laughter.

We shared these hilarious Tumblr stories to entertain our readers. We hope you enjoyed them and can relate to such incidents as they are all real-life accounts of situations encountered by people. If you have an amusing story to share, do post it on Tumblr and bring a smile to the readers’ faces.

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