Cars that entertain: Hilarious bumper stickers and funny rear windshield messages

Imagine being charged with a speeding ticket. What could be the possible reasons?

  • An emergency
  • The fact that you are running late
  • Non-stop honking by the driver behind you
  • None of the above!

Sometimes the reason for rash driving is chasing the car ahead, just to read what’s written on the hilarious bumper sticker adhered to the vehicle. Although we do not encourage reckless driving, that too for a reason as insignificant as this, let’s accept we’ve all been there and done that.

Since many people find the messages on such stickers truly amusing, we have gathered a collection of few funny ones found on bumpers and rear windshield glass. We hope you find them entertaining.

We’re all familiar with the “baby on board” sticker which indicates that an infant is amongst the passengers of a particular car. The purpose is to request nearby vehicles to drive with extreme caution so that the safety of the said car is not compromised.

The “adults on board” sticker is a hilarious take on this message, signifying that everyone wants to live long irrespective of their age, therefore drivers must be careful even when the surrounding vehicles are occupied by adults.

There can be only two possibilities: either the owner of this car is a pro at giving the best advice ever or, no one listens to this person’s opinions, so much so that s/he had to put up a bumper sticker to gain attention.

However, because of the fictitious website address, the possibility of the latter seems to be much greater than the former.

Thanks for letting everyone know! That’s all we can say.

We wonder how disappointed anyone who would have chased the car to read this bumper sticker might have felt. We can surely sympathize with them.

It would have been cool if car trunks opened that way. Unfortunately, they do not.

Whether the owner of this car was a bit too obsessed with unlocking their cell phone now and then, or s/he wanted to confuse the viewers with a prank sticker, we know not.

Every family member indeed has a unique personality. Some are wise, some are dumb, some are smart whereas some get work done via the art of flattery. Based on their characteristics, we often call them names. However, rarely do we think about depicting the traits of each individual via caricatures on the rear windshield of our car.

The image above is a hilarious representation of the attributes of each person that is made far more amusing by the label: “The Ass Family”.

This is one of the most hilarious bumper stickers that is subtly ridiculing those reading the message by calling them an idiot.

It may also be serving as a double entendre that is telling others to be vigilant of the careless drivers behind them, and ensure the safety of their vehicle themselves without expecting any act of caution from others.

Would you excuse the rash driving of this individual? We definitely would have let him/her go. After all, bathroom emergencies are real, aren’t they?

Do we wonder why this person had to attach one onto his/her car to express their hatred for bumper stickers?

What happened then?

We’re curious to know about this transition from “cool” to “uncool”.

Hey readers! Did you think you’ll get an award or something? Well, that’s not happening.

Most people can read. It’s not a big deal.

There are times when people get so fed up with being body-shamed that they have no other option besides replying in a savage, yet sugar-coated manner.

Maybe the individual who put up this hilarious sticker was also tired of listening to demeaning comments and therefore decided to put up this sarcastic message communicating where they have hidden the “perfect body”.

At first glance, these words might scare someone to the extent of making them jump out of their skin. Who wouldn’t be petrified at the thought of a dead body being present in the car ahead of them? It is only upon careful re-reading that one may understand the pun intended.

Caught ya!

This message is touching upon a serious issue in a light-hearted manner.

It uses double meanings of the word “grand” in a witty manner, and points towards the alimony one might end up paying in case of a divorce.

It can be said that this bumper sticker is subtly advising everyone to think carefully before getting married, rather than rushing into the decision just because they are fascinated with a grand celebration. However, it advocates that once the lifelong commitment has been made, the individual should stick by their partner’s side through thick and thin instead of parting ways when the going gets tough.

Who doesn’t need a new excuse to get a day off from work, but does it have to be as unrealistic as this one?

A hilarious bumper sticker that all procrastinators can relate to. If you end up completing certain tasks and leave procrastination for a later time, you simply do not belong to the club. One should be a pro at coming up with excuses for delaying every chore to be a member. That’s the first rule!

We do not know the answer to that, but it is not something one should be thinking while driving. If you come across such a car sticker whilst navigating the steering wheel, make sure you control your laughter as well as your vehicle.

We’re sure you would have come across many more of these funny messages posted on random cars. We shared the ones we found entertaining to bring a smile to your face. Do let us know if you enjoyed them or not!

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