10 most ridiculous things on Amazon

Whenever we want to purchase anything online, Amazon is our go-to option. Being the largest e-commerce platform, it offers almost every product ranging from household items, cosmetics to electronic gadgets, etc. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is hardly anything that is not available on this website. It is understandable to find products that have a certain use, you would be surprised to know about some of the most ridiculous things on Amazon.

We have enlisted some of the useless items that are being sold on Amazon.

Let’s buy some ladybugs

While we all have frantically searched and bought insect killer sprays to get rid of bugs, rarely would have anyone purchased these creepy-crawly creatures. However, you’d be amazed to know that Amazon sells live ladybugs. But currently they are out of stock.

Besides taking revenge from someone, or making a deliberate attempt to freak them out, we cannot think of any other reason why someone would purchase this unusual item.

A cat butt tissue holder

Who would want to hold a tissue paper taken out from such a unique holder next to their face? Certainly, not us.

However, this tissue holder is definitely going to gain the attention of the visitors.

Unique home décor

We all decorate our homes with paintings of landscapes, sceneries or portraits of our loved ones. However, amongst the most ridiculous things on Amazon, we came across a decal representing two senior citizens seated in a golf cart.

What could have been the purpose of creating such a home décor, and that too, at a price of $21.96?

A human finger

Rest assured, none of us would be willing to buy human body parts on Amazon. Even the thought is creepy enough, let alone ordering, receiving and unpacking a human finger.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things on Amazon.

However, upon careful thought the uses we can think of for such a purchase include teaching anatomy to students in science classes.

Did you know?

The worth of your finger is $15 on Amazon.

Pizza hat

If you think that it’s an edible pizza, you are wrong. It is a hat that would allow you to wear a pizza on your head.

Why would anyone want to get it? It’s hard to understand.

Unique mop

Who wouldn’t like to kill two birds with one stone?

We all like to make our tasks easier.

For those of you who have toddlers at home, know that running after them is a laborious task in itself. Taking care of an infant often leaves one with little energy to complete household chores, such as mopping the floor. Therefore, Amazon presents you with a baby mop.

Make your child wear this “mopping costume” and have your house cleaned as your baby crawls through different areas.

A bean-squeezing stress reliever

We all like squeezing random items when under stress. Amazon now offers a bean squeezing stress reliever that would pop out an artificial bean which has an emoji engraved on it.

How many people would actually spend $8.99 on this item is a question that needs some serious thought.

A dog wig

Agreed that we all like to pamper our pets and enhance their beauty but that effort revolves more around grooming the pet and giving it an appropriate haircut. Rarely have we seen anyone making their dog, or any other pet wear a wig.

Amongst the most ridiculous things on Amazon, we found a dog wig being sold for $9.57.

Someone who wants to see their dog in a ponytail may purchase it.

Tennis ball with a head strap

Though it may seem like a “cool” headband to a zestful teenager, it is something that may also cause them to get hurt badly if the ball hits the face while moving and jumping around.

A replica of human fat

Even if you have made intensive efforts to adopt a healthy lifestyle and shape your body, this replica of human fat will constantly remind you of your past.

Being one of the most ridiculous things on Amazon, it is highly unlikely someone would desire this ugly, rubber-made product for $23.73.

There are other weird items available on Amazon. If you found these products hilarious, search for more unique objects on the website and you’ll be amused to see how long the list can turn out to be.

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