Happy birthday memes: Spruce up the art of wishing

When it comes to wishing your family, friends, and loved ones on their birthday, the most stumbling block is deciding what to give and what to say. It’s all about making it special for them and letting them know that you care, and what better way than to tag along a Happy birthday meme to cheer them up with a tinge of humor spicing up their festive occasion.

So, the next time you get invited to a birthday bash, why not send someone a special gesture of statement, and wring out their million-dollar smile.

Gone are the days when the simple and monotonous ritual of giving and taking gifts and munching on the party food were the things to look forward to on birthdays. With time, people have evolved for the better and learned the art of adding fun to their approach of lifestyle and celebration of events with things minor, yet meaningful by casting aside boredom and embracing the fun side of things. Let’s have a look at why a happy birthday meme is a powerful medium of expression:

Trend of the hour

Exploring the trendiest alternatives at hand when wishing someone today no matter what the occasion, the use of memes has become a fashion drift that allows you to edge out in your style of expression. Thronging on social media and all other digital platforms, memes are an internet phenomenon in constant circulation providing entertainment and humor relevant to everything in practice with one just perfectly fit for your needs.

Fun for all

Regardless of how old you may be or what gender you belong to, the use of birthday memes is up for grabs for all those who want to enjoy their conversations and especially cherish their moments. So, male or female, young or old, let the sharing of love and fun flow with every tick of the hour.

Channel of humor

Sharing of memes has become an eternal hilarious medium of wishing with so many eye-catching phrases and statements that match your situation, intention, and mood – So why take growing older seriously! Whether you like birthdays or not, add a meme to your parcel of wishes and retain the factor of laughter and hilarity to stand out.

Safest alternative to gifts

Didn’t remember to buy a gift? Fell short of money? Don’t have the time to go out and hunt the shops? Well if nothing else is going to tempt you to turn towards using memes for wishing your loved ones, this factor surely will. Yes, that’s right, the funniest and wittiest happy birthday memes forwarded to that special person is sufficient to convey your love and care without going hefty on your wallet. It simply lets them know that you remembered and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

Myriad of collection

The most convenient part of finding the perfect happy birthday meme for your requirement is that you have an ocean of themes to choose from. Ranging from sarcastic, serious, witty, weird,  honoring, and humorous to almost any subject you can think of, the massive influx of memes available on digital platforms are there to entertain you and your loved ones by all means possible.

Cost free & effective

 Another great thing about happy birthday memes is that they simply come cost-free and ready-made for you to utilize and share.  Requiring no effort from you to cook up the wit and dish out the statement, it pays off to avail the free circulating statements of fun and make the most out of them economically. This cost-free addition to your birthday wishes will pump in the tangy edge of expression you want to mark.

Instant availability & usage

With memes, it’s easy to access for all! Even for the idle and lazy people out there, there is no excuse not to make use of these memes. Availability is just a click away with no need to go out in the market and also no paying of postal or purchasing charges. Send them to the near ones and the far-off loved ones instantly via the diverse range of digital correspondence channels at hand.

Getting started

The simplest lead to starting in finding the perfect happy birthday meme is to first rule out your relationship with the birthday boy, girl, man, or woman. This definitely saves your search time and instantly helps filter out the relevant stock of memes ideal for your need and relation.

Determining the level of formality

With an ocean of memes to choose from, getting your hands on the right one for the right person can be a bit tricky. So why not do yourself a favor and simplify the selection process further by sitting down and determining your level of frankness or formality with the birthday boy or girl. This will definitely help narrow down the parameters of selection even further, making it easier to finalize your shade of fun to the wish.

 If it’s a friend then you would want to pitch in something naughty and sarcastic, with elders it would be observing slight decorum and with minors, of course, something to poke fun about. 


While many people are engrossed in work and other routines, they forget to make an effort for these minor special moments that keep alive the spice of relations, others want to make it matter for those they love and care for.

So, if you’re stuck in a conundrum of how-to and what to wish your near and dear ones, shun aside the monotonous approach, explore the trend of hour, and pick out that perfect statement of humor, sarcasm, weirdness, and craziness from the myriads of Happy birthday memes to spark up the art of your wishing style.

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